Thursday, November 3, 2016

Peterbilt 389

Have you guessed it? Of course you have!

But let's start with a little teaser. The rescale of the American Truck Simulator world is looking great, and it won't take long before you can see it for yourselves. I suggest you get comfortable with what we have for you today so you're ready for the updated map. Because believe me, with the bigger map you'll need a comfortable ride to get across it without developing serious back pain. ;)

Speaking of a comfortable ride, I have good news for you! At last there's a new addition to the ATS family of trucks! The title of this post already gave it away - but finally our rendition of Pete 389 is coming to American Truck Simulator.

A little disclaimer: the new truck is making it's appearance in the game today, with features as of ATS version 1.4. The video is actually revealing certain features and content that will only be available in the next major update of the game, so you can see that there's more to look forward to!

Recent trends in truck design strongly favor streamlined aerodynamic cab shapes, but with 389, we are talking about tradition; a real road legend here. For decades, long nosed trucks have been the very definition of an "American truck." Conventional cab with tons of chrome, big wheels, prominent exhaust pipes, bold box-like shapes... this beast makes it clear that it's about strength and endurance, a pure expression of free spirit on the road.

And you, our dear player, can now drive it at last! Go ahead - reap the rewards of your patience and update the game! We've worked hard to bring this beauty to you based on reference photos, scans, and sounds recordings that we took on our trip to the PACCAR Technical Center earlier this year.

To make things super clear, this game update is free of course!

We thought that at least some of you may appreciate a little walk down history lane, so let us tell you a bit more about this great piece of engineering and human ingenuity.

Peterbilt 389 is a successor to Peterbilt 379, manufactured until 2007. Peterbilt 379 in turn replaced the iconic 359 in 1987. Peterbilt 359 one was first wide nosed big rig for Peterbilt, produced since 1967, and achieved extreme popularity. This tradition is still very much alive - while new trucks in the 3x9 line have introduced major technical improvements under the hood and greatly enhanced performance, truckers' aesthetic preferences have not changed as much. It's outward appearance is still mostly the same after almost five decades on the road! An interesting little fact about the new 389 is that it has the longest nose of all Peterbilt trucks ever. It is 131 inches (332,74 cm) long! One hell of a nose if you ask me! But surely an experienced truck driver will not have any problems maneuvering the vehicle through the challenges waiting for you in American Truck Simulator!

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