Friday, March 3, 2017

Community's Driver Seats

Recently, we've asked our fellow truckers via our Facebook profiles for ATS and ETS2 to share photos of their cool little places for relaxing and virtual trucking with us. We are always curious and excited to see the various unique gaming setups that passionate game players can come up with to enjoy their favorite truck sims.

And we must admit that you've really amazed us! We've got a lot of photos from you and all of them are awesome and very interesting. So big thank to you for sharing them with us! Also thank you for the very kind communication that was started with many of you on this topic, it was really cool to have small chats with you to learn more about your sanctuaries where you can relax and haul some cargos in ATS or ETS2.

The number of photos we have received from you is so high that it's not possible to put them all in one article on our blog. We were granted permission to show the photos from many of you, but we had to pick only a small subset. So we've chosen some of the most creative (by our personal opinion anyway) which you can see below. We will be picking some more in the future, so we'll be happy for more submissions. More driving rigs may also appear from time to time on our Instagram profile.

Thank you once again, keep on trucking and have a great time!