Monday, March 6, 2017

Raven Truck Design Pack

A long time has passed since Polar Express Holiday Event 2014. Tons of people participated in it, and we distributed over 30 thousand free activation keys of Raven Truck Design DLC as a special reward. We made this DLC exclusive for the event, there was no other way to obtain it or purchase it.

Ever since then we keep receiving a lot of messages, questions, suggestions, pleas and wishes from our community from all corners of the world to make it available for everyone. It looks like the Raven Truck Design DLC is really desired among the game's fans.

So after two years, we have now decided to make this pack available for purchase. First though, we felt that we should revisit it and spice it up with additional goodies. The DLC was silently updated with new tuning parts a couple of weeks ago, to give the current owners a little bit of exclusivity to enjoy the new tuning options. Today, we are releasing Raven Truck Design DLC on Steam for everyone who is interested in getting it.

The new stuff in the DLC includes new cabin accessories - Raven Art Figure, Raven Emblem LED, Raven Wings LED, Raven Emblem, also new front & rear rims - Raven Revolution and Raven Claws, and a new paint job: Corvus Ex Machina.

Of course the content which has been included since the original release is still there - Raven hubs, nuts, rims and two paint jobs: Golden Raven and Raven Custom.

We hope those who earned the DLC during the event will gladly welcome new things for free, that they will feel rewarded once again. And for those of you who have desired this DLC so long, but missed the opportunity to win it during the event, we hope that you appreciate the possibility to finally get it now at this link.