Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Revisiting Germany

We are excited by all the positive feedback coming back from the fan community regarding the comprehensive Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.31. You must be wondering already what we have in store for Update 1.32, so let's take a peek!

We know that one of the items very high on the community's wishlist is that we put some attention on older parts of the game world. We are happy to reveal that a small but passionate team of map designers is already working on retouching and refreshing parts of our base game map to bring it up to or at least close to our current standard of visual quality as present in the latest map DLC. The oldest regions we built years ago need the most care, so our choice of where to start was clear: Germany.

We cannot redo the whole country in one quick step, though. The land area is huge, comparable to any newer map DLC. For comparison, we are in the process of pumping well over 30 man-years of effort into our upcoming Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC! We do not want slow down our progress on new content for ETS2 nor ATS, quite the contrary. So we need to dedicate a separate team within SCS that would be committed to refreshing the older map content. All in all, it is definitely going to take considerable time across multiple game updates to go over not just Germany but to eventually revisit the whole of core game map. And by the time we are done, we may just as well start with the older DLC ;)

As you can see in the screenshots, the touches to the German autobahns are considerable. Some cities are altered in a major way, some will only get a bit of polish for now with new textures, vegetation, and cleanups of the worst visual sins. Again, the changes in Update 1.32 should only be considered "stage 1" with several more steps to follow, as the team's focus will gradually shift from the north towards the south of the region. The results of all this work will be a part of regular game updates, available for all existing owners of ETS2 for free of course.

We have one more related cool picture for you on Euro Truck Simulator 2 Facebook page, the result of a little teaser we were doing on the page today. Make sure to check it out!

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