Thursday, May 17, 2018

SCS On The Road: ETRC Misano 2018
+A World of Trucks Event!

The SCS Sim Trailer and crew are getting ready for the first round of FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2018. Mighty roars of the racing trucks will sound at the famous Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli in Italy from 26th to 27th of May. And we'll be there!

Becoming a part of the roadshow for the 2017 season of the championship was the first experience of such kind for us, but it has proved to be a great opportunity to meet with our fans as well as to introduce our truck sim games to new audiences. We have fallen in love with the unique feeling of such events, the massive crowds, and all the diesel beauties and mighty trucks.

Let's give in to a bit of nostalgia with a short flashback of FIA ETRC 2017 events as seen through our eyes, and a teaser of new things to come!

Out first stop will be in Misano, May 26-27. As always, if you plan to stop by, you can look forward to meeting our crew, trying our motion rigs, and perhaps even getting answers to some tough questions. ;)

To celebrate the start of the FIA ETRC 2018 season and our participation on the travelling circus accompanying the race series on eight circuits in eight countries, today we are launching a new cool World of Trucks event!

As you can see in the image below, we did our homework through the winter months, including inviting the iconic Pace Pete to visit SCS Software's office for a little chitchat.

Truck racing motorsport is attracting huge crowds around Europe, with over 400k visitors showing up to see the races during a season. The racing teams need to be very organized and well supplied to last through the season. All in all, a huge amount of various goods and parts must be moved all around the continent for the events to happen! And now you can lend your helping hand, too, at least virtually, by participating in the new event. To celebrate in proper shape, we have added a special trailer to the game for the duration of the event, sporting the marks of the main sponsors and organizers of 2018 FIA ETRC races: Krone Trailers, Goodyear, and FIA ETRC.

If you'd like to participate in the event, please read carefully the detailed info listed below. Everyone who will succeed and pass the event rules will be rewarded with five in-game items in the motifs of racing or decorated with the colors and logos of the main sponsors of this year's championship.

"Start your engines" Event Rules

Deliver Racing Components (special trailer picture above) to at least 12 different cities. Only deliveries over 200km are eligible.


  • Paint Job with a racing motif - "Slipstream"
  • Cabin accessory/toy - "Pace Pete Bobblehead"
  • ETRC Window Pennant
  • Goodyear Window Pennant
  • KRONE Window Pennant

And that's not all! At the conclusion of the event, we'll randomly pick two lucky participants who will each get a very special reward - two tickets of their choice to any one of the upcoming rounds of the FIA ETRC 2018 season. Plus a bit of merch, with ETS2/ATS and ETRC cap as a bonus.

As you probably remember from the previous events, we are taking advantage of Steam's Inventory infrastructure to "drop" the rewards to you. As a consequence, the individual items can be traded or even sold through Steam. Just remember that if you get rid of a particular Inventory item, you will no longer be able to see it in the game's Upgrade Shop and equip your truck with it.

This event will last until the 17th of June, 2018. Have fun, and see you at the races!

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