Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Revisiting Germany Vol. 2

With the recent announcement of Sardinia, many from our community thought this would be the biggest addition to come in the 1.35 update. We'd like to contest that claim, as another part of the Germany rebuild is arriving in this update as well! This time, our map design team has been focusing on east and south-east areas of Germany, and they really haven't been holding back! Check out the change list to see for yourself!
  • Over 2000 in-game kilometers of reconstructed roads.
  • New Autobahns with gentle curves
  • Two completely new Autobahns (A38 and A71)
  • Open landscapes & panoramic views
  • Brand new landmarks
  • A major rebuild in Nürnberg
  • Typical "Autohof" service stations

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