Monday, April 8, 2019

Trailer News Part 2: Euro Truck Simulator 2

As promised, we are back for Part 2 of Trailer News, and this time we will be sharing what we have been working on for ETS2 in 1.35. We are excited to show you many new trailer types and combinations which you will be able to haul in the next update.

Similar to other types of trailers that we already have in-game (such as box and cargo trailers), we are excited to be able to bring you a large variety of now ownable trailers. Let's start with container trailers.

Log trailers have also received an update; which will see the inclusion of a large combination of them that vary in both length and size. Logging trailers will also include the variant from Schwarzmüller, which will be available for purchase.

Thanks to recent successful trials in Germany and The Netherlands, you will now be able to use Double Trailers within these countries.

We have also received a large number of requests from our community to have the ability to purchase their own Schwarzmüller trailers. We are happy to announce that they will be available for purchase in the Trailer Dealership in this upcoming update.

You will now also be able to haul an extended Krone Boxliner Trailer which is designed for 40 feet containers.

The possibilities are endless for hauling different types of trailers in 1.35. We can't wait for you to try them for yourself.

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