Friday, May 3, 2019

Razer RGB gets official support

We're happy to announce the upcoming arrival of the official support for Razer Chroma in both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Starting with the 1.35 Update, our games will support Razer keyboards, mouses and RGB mousemats (headset will use only one colour scheme). Sure, you might think what's the big deal about some "game of lights", but take a look at our video and the list of functions below. Adds a little bit extra to the immersion, doesn't it?

  • During the tutorial, the keys being currently explained will be distinguished by colours and the "continue" key will be blinking green
  • Some keys will be active only when the truck electrics is on
  • Steering left/right and throttle/brake keys are distinguished by colour (typically WASD keys)
  • Key for the parking brake is lit when active and blinking when the engine is on
  • Lights keys show lights state (parking, low beam, high beam)
  • Blinker keys are blinking (the same goes for all speeds of flasher and wipers)
  • Gear up/ down keys are active only for non-automatic gearbox
  • Camera keys are distinguished by colour and the active camera key is different
  • Route Advisor pages keys are distinguished by colour and the active page key is different
  • Trailer connect key shows state of the trailer: green for available connect, red for connecting in progress, green blinking for job delivery
  • Activation key (typically Enter) is blinking when activation possible (eg. gas station, toll etc.)
  • When pumping gas, the keyboard shows tank state and there is a falling wave visualizing flowing gas. When full, the keyboard is green
  • Key for the differential lock is lit when the differential is locked and it blinks when there is a differential lock warning in Route Advisor
  • When the job is finished, a wave goes across the keyboard, mouse and mousepad in colour of the received medal
  • Police fine keyboard blinking
  • When the truck is damaged a red wave moves across the keyboard
  • All keys and other accessories slowly pulse when the job's time is running out
  • Mouse and mousepad's left side LEDs show current player speed in green and in red when the player is speeding
  • The cruise control key is yellow when CC can be turned on, blue when it is on. Keys for CC speed up and down are lit when CC is on
  • Keys for lifting axle and trailer axle are lit only when lifting is available
  • Cvar g_color_feedback can be used to disable colour feedback altogether. This cvar can also be set in Options > Controls > Color feedback.

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