Thursday, November 7, 2019

Utah release

The day has come - and so has Utah! Preparations for the release party are in full speed, as well as for the events that will follow the release.

Utah map expansion will be released today at around 18:00 UTC (19:00 CET)

Free Weekend for American Truck Simulator from 7.11. 18:00 to 11.11. 18:00 UTC

To commemorate the 4th map expansion (5th should we count Arizona), with kind cooperation with Valve, we're having a FREE Weekend (7.11. 18:00 UTC to 11.11. 18:00 UTC)! Which means that ANYONE can download American Truck Simulator on Steam and play it throughout the weekend with everything you get when you buy the base game. The Free Weekend will start at the same moment as Utah's release.

Getting into Utah soon will get you a nice little gift too - a Bee cabin toy to accompany you on your travels!

We'll give you the guide shortly, but we're going to leave a few days to those curious souls willing to find a way to get the Bee by themselves!

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