Friday, November 8, 2019

Pink Ribbon Charity Event: Conclusion

Inspired by truck manufacturers and truckers from around the world, this month of October we joined the international Pink Ribbon campaign and we asked you, our community, to take part and support this great cause by delivering Pink Ribbon goods across Europe and America in our World of Trucks event.

We also created a Pink Ribbon Charity Pack DLC for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator with the intention for all the proceeds to go to reputable Breast Cancer research and awareness charities dedicated to fighting this disease, to give you an option to do a good thing and get ting a little reward for it.

The Pink Ribbon Charity event concluded on Sunday the 20th of October, and we have to say that it was an incredible success! We could not have wished for a better response from the community. The first week saw us all reach massive 730,000 deliveries and the final numbers were...well see for yourselves!

Almost 70,000 players reached their personal goal with an average of 3,314 personal goals achieved every day. Wow, that’s an average of more than 55,000 deliveries per day with a final delivery count of nearly 1.2 million, well over and above our community goal of 1 million deliveries.

And, while educating and spreading the word was even more important than attending the event this time, we're happy to say the numbers were really tremendous there too! Just check them out:

So again, a big thank you to every single person from our #BestCommunityEver who joined in and shared a screenshot or video under the #PinkMyTruck hashtag!

It was also great to see other companies raising awareness like NHS England and MetLife, running unique donation campaigns, like Chevrolet or generally bringing more attention to this important theme, like Renault TrucksMAN Trucks & BusDAF Trucks, Mack Trucks , Scania Group and many others.

Thanks to you, our community, we were able to collect much more than what we initially expected - over 45K US Dollars! So, we've decided to split that amount to include more than the initial two charities that were announced - Breast Cancer Research Foundation (US)  and Alliance of Women with Breast Cancer (CZ). The first of the new beneficiaries is Breast Cancer Germany (DE), with more to follow from our shortlist.

For us, one of the best parts of the event was a visit from representatives of the Czech Rep based charity, Alliance of Women with Breast Cancer (Aliance žen s rakovinou prsu). They explained to us their supportive role, their experiences with patients, and the symptoms of breast cancer, including a hands-on self-examination tutorial. We learnt quite a few things that we didn't know before and it was great to hear how much our #BestCommunityEver's donation will help.  We can't stress enough how important it is to do regular self-exams and to seek a full doctor check-up in case of any suspicions.

If you somehow missed the event but still want to donate, don’t worry, you can! Both charity packs will stay on Steam and Humble Bundle, and their sales will remain 100% dedicated to funding reputable Breast Cancer charities. Every time a sufficient amount is collected, we're going to send it to a charity dedicated to Breast Cancer research, awareness and patient support.

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