Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Christmas Grand Giving Event 2019

It's better to give than receive. It's a truth best learnt through experience, and it benefits all involved. That’s why this year we are doing something very new and very special for our 2019 Christmas Grand Giving event in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

So, we are asking the community to spread the spirit of Christmas giving across all trucking territories! We have trailer loads of big gifts to give and we will be awarding stars to each city, based on the number of deliveries it gives. The more a city gives, the more stars that city gets. A great list of rewards await you.

Let's do the cities of the world justice and prove that they can, one and all, be the grandest of givers during this season of giving! You’ll be able to track the community progress on World of Trucks or directly in the game using the updated External Contracts interface:

To celebrate the beginning of this festive event, we will be broadcasting a special Christmas Grand Giving stream. Along with taking part in the event, delivering jobs and having fun, we’ll also provide the community with more information on our end-of-year #XmasGrandGiving sharing giveaway.

Loads of awesome prizes await, including T-shirts, Steam keys, computer accessories and much more. Be sure to watch our Christmas live-stream on Thursday the 19th of December at 17:00 CET with special guests, festive fun, surprises, prizes and perhaps even a glance into the future. Watch us on either Steam or Twitch, you won't want to miss out!

Grand Giving Event Rules:

Using external contracts with a World of Trucks-connected profile in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator or both, the community aim is to get as many stars as possible awarded to as many cities as possible across all trucking territories. Every city can achieve up to 5 stars!

For a city to gain one star, the community must make 1000 Gifts deliveries from it, using the provided Christmas Gifts trailer. Each tier of 200 achieved stars will unlock a unique community reward, with a special reward at the 1000 stars mark.

To achieve your Personal goal, complete at least 12 deliveries of Gifts in either Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator.


Personal goal: Your contribution of 12 or more deliveries of Gifts will gain you:
  • A World of Trucks Achievement
  • Your very own hanging Christmas Sock accessory, that’s packed with goodies.
  • A Christmas themed, Metallic Paint job to help you carry out more Gift deliveries during the event.
Community goals: 
  • Each tier of 200 stars will unlock unique community rewards. 
  • At the milestone of 1000 stars the community will receive a further 2 special rewards.

Note: In order to qualify for any community reward, you must complete at least your personal goal in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator or both. Each reward will be a Steam inventory item for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

The event will be concluded on Wednesday the 15th of January at 23:59 UTC.

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