Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Cruising Idaho Event

With the release of the Idaho DLC being tomorrow, July 16, we want to invite you, our #BestCommunityEver, to join us right after, in Cruising Idaho - our latest World Of Trucks event!

We know drivers from around the world are excited to visit Idaho, and we are just as eager for you to get across the border for yourselves. That is why we are happy to announce this new event which will reward drivers who visit the Gem State and contribute to Idaho's local economy and industries.

The most important thing is to be #CruisingIdaho and clocking up the job miles. We promise it will be worth it, with beauty to behold and a rich history to experience. You can even use your own trailer in the external market!

The community goal is simple. Achieve 30,000,000 miles (ca. 48,300,000 km) while delivering cargoes to or from any city in Idaho. Technical supplies, farming produce, mining and transportation equipment, household and building materials, supermarket goods, automotive fleets and parts. In fact, you can deliver anything at all!

During your travels don't forget to stop at some of Idaho's many viewing platforms, each offering unique cinematic cutscenes, highlighting the attractions of that area. There's so much to see that we can't list it all, but here are some we can easily recommend.

  • Take in the magnificent mountain vista of Galena summit.
  • Cruise over the historic Perrine memorial bridge with its majestic views, including the Shosone Falls.
  • Experience the volcanic Craters of the Moon National Monument.
  • Take a snapshot at the famous 45th parallel north, halfway between the Equator and North Pole.
  • See if you can spot Sharlie, the famous serpent, in McCalls' Payette Lake.
  • Navigate through the craggy and imposing Grand View Canyon.
  • Pull over to read some of the many Historical Markers that preserve the history of the early pioneers and Native Americans of Idaho.

There are 11 cities in the Idaho DLC and we want you to see them all. So, we're giving a special reward for completing your personal goal which will require job deliveries to or from all of them.

Both the personal and community rewards are a reflection of Idaho's unique natural history and beauty, and we really think you will like them. But more on that in the rules, so please be sure to read them.

Idaho, Esto Perpetua (It is forever), is our latest addition to American Truck Simulator. Let's see her sites, breathe the air, and take in the grandness of this incredible and varied state.


Using External Contracts or External Market, with a World of Trucks-connected profile in American Truck Simulator, the community goal is to achieve 30,000,000 miles (48,280,320 km) while delivering cargoes to or from any city in Idaho.

The cities are:

Sandpoint, Coeur d'Alene, Lewiston, Grangeville, Salmon, Boise, Ketchum, Idaho Falls, Nampa, Twin Falls, Pocatello.

When a player completes delivery to or from all 11 Idaho cities, it will complete their personal goal.

All jobs for the event need to be 100 miles each (161 km) or more.

To verify if you comply with the rules, you can review your recent deliveries in the World of Trucks' LogBook.


Personal goal: Individual player contributions of deliveries, either to or from all 11 Idaho cities will gain that player a personal World of Trucks Achievement and a beautiful Appaloosa themed ATS truck paint job Steam inventory item.

Community goal: When the community goal of clocking up 30,000,000 miles (48,280,320 km) during deliveries to/from any of the 11 cities in Idaho is met, and if the player has also achieved their personal goal then they will receive a hanging Peregrine Gem ornament Steam inventory item.

We look forward to seeing drivers new and old exploring Idaho for the first time, and we would love to see photos from your first journeys across the state border! Share your screenshots and videos with us using the hashtag #CruisingIdaho on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles and we will share our favorite ones (we may even feature some of them in an upcoming blog post!).

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