Tuesday, July 7, 2020

DAF XF Unity Edition

We love any opportunity to cement our relations with truck manufacturers, especially if it means that we can bring new exclusive content for our #BestCommunityEver. So when DAF Trucks contacted us with an excellent idea to add their recently released Unity Edition paints for DAF XF trucks to the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2, we jumped right on board and started working on it.

Today is the day when we are ready to share the results with you. Get ready to spice up your Super Space Cab DAF XF with one of the fourteen new paint jobs - each of them related to one of the following 14 countries - Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, France, Hungary, Italy, Austria, and Russia.

Because these in-game paint jobs reflect the unique customization to the specific DAF XF cab just as for DAF Trucks' customers in the real world, we've decided to add them to the XF Tuning Pack as a free update for this DLC. Existing owners of this expansion will receive these new country-based designs for the DAF XF Super Space Cab as additional free content via an automatic update.

As we also wanted to make a bit of a splash about this new content, and show our friends at DAF Trucks how engaged the truck sim community is, together we came up with a special cross-promotional "treasure hunt" mini-event across the web and social media. We are starting a giveaway campaign with 10,000 XF Tuning Pack DLC Steam keys. If you are ready to learn more about DAF and DAF XF Unity, the little Gleam.io widget below gives you access to the Steam key treasure hunt.

It's very easy, just follow the instructions in the special giveaway window below, complete the required steps, choose a few more or all of the optional tasks, and the key is yours!

To make it impossible for any codes-stealing bots, we have created a mandatory Treasure Code task as a kind of "I'm not a robot captcha" challenge. This should be simple to crack for our human players. We've created a few special screenshots which we have placed across the social media profiles of DAF Trucks N.V. (here and here) and SCS Software (here). These screenshots are showing some of the DAF Unity Edition paint jobs, but if you look closer, you will find three parts of the Treasure Code. Combine them, input them into the system on the "Enter Treasure Code" line, and it's done.

DAF XF Unity Edition Campaign
If you are a fan of DAF Trucks, are interested in real truck news, or simply want to help us improve our position in the eyes of the transportation industry, consider hitting the Follow button when visiting the social media profiles for DAF Trucks N.V. When pitching our games to prospective licensing partners, it is always useful to be able to prove that there is a sizable overlap between our player base and their customers.

Once you get your hands on these new paint jobs, make sure to take a screenshot of your new DAF XF truck in ETS2 and share it with the world! If you show us your screenshots and tag them with SCS Software's and DAF Trucks N.V.'s social media profiles under the #DAFUnityEdition hashtag, you have a chance to win some free merch! Our friends at DAF Trucks kindly sent us a few nice original DAF Trucks merchandise items to give away, and we are looking forward to rewarding the author of the best DAF Unity Edition screenshot! We will be monitoring all social media.

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