Thursday, August 20, 2020

Colorado Road Network

Truckers can spend over 300 days per year on the road delivering a variety of loads across different states and countries. That is why our teams spend a lot of time making sure road networks are represented in the best way possible within our titles; and Colorado for American Truck Simulator will be no exception. 

From unique junctions to famous truck stops, Colorado will feature unique road layouts and landmarks familiar to truckers who drive in the area frequently. One such example is the Mousetrap, the nickname given to an interchange located near the city of Denver that was built in the 1950s. Today, its layout has become a landmark known to the millions of drivers that pass through it every year. 

Truck stops are also another important aspect to truckers in the United States. Every night, these stops become a temporary home and safe space for drivers from around the country as they make their journey. Each one has its own unique look and feel, which we are doing our best to recreate in our title with each new DLC. 

So what else does colorful Colorado have to offer? We will be sharing more content as we develop it for this upcoming DLC which you can help support by adding it to your Steam wishlist! You can also find some exclusive content not found on this blog across our social media channels, so be sure to look out for them on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Please keep in mind that the screenshots that we have shared today are still in a work in progress state, including road signage, mountains, scenery, and the junctions themselves and do not represent the final product.

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