Monday, August 17, 2020

#CruisingIdaho Extended!

Having received quite a few messages from our #BestCommunityEver about not finding enough free time to finish their personal goal in the currently ongoing #CruisingIdaho World of Trucks event, we started wondering if we should extend its duration a little bit more.

Summer is now in full swing, which means that people are spending more time with their families or on travelling and vacations (well, at least for those who can despite the COVID-19 challenges affecting tourism and travelling in general); many may not have met the requirements needed to obtain the event's rewards. We've also gotten quite a few messages from our players who were getting stuck on trying to reach the event's goal, which meant that they needed more time to successfully complete the event. 

We suggest reading the event's rules very carefully. You are asked to pick-up from or deliver a job to all of the 11 cities in Idaho. For example, if you start a job from Boise and complete its delivery to Idaho Falls, this will count as 2 of the 11 cities required for the event's personal goal. However, if you then complete a job from Idaho Falls to Salmon, this job will earn you only 1 additional completed city as Idaho Falls has already served as the start/end point for a previous delivery. You will have to start a delivery from or deliver to all of the 11 cities in Idaho DLC to complete the personal goal. If you're not sure what cities have you had in your recent deliveries, you can always check a few recent jobs you did in the Log Book on World of Trucks website.

After asking our community directly for their opinions on such an extension, we've decided to fulfill these wishes to extend the duration of the #CruisingIdaho event till August 24, 23:59 UTC!

In short, there is now an extra week for all those who could benefit from a bit more time. Don't forget also about the #CaptureIdaho screenshot sharing contest, which is still ongoing. We've been watching our social media profiles and we have to admit that our judges will surely have a difficult task picking the winners; so far we love nearly all of what we've spotted!

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