Friday, September 3, 2021

Big in Wyoming + Yellowstone

One of the nicknames that we have yet to mention when talking about the state that will be arriving in the upcoming map expansion is "Big Wyoming". While Wyoming has earned this nickname due to its 10th largest area by landmass out of all 50 states, today we will do our best to make fans of this particular nickname proud in our own way and share with you some BIG news regarding the new DLC.

What could possibly be so big to justify us writing such an introduction? First of all, with the release of the new map expansion, new content is coming to the Special Transport DLC as well! With the intention of enhancing your experience as much as possible, our team managed to find the time to bring these three Special Transport routes to Wyoming that you can look forward to conquering:

Riverton to Jackson (Yellowstone)
Laramie to Rawlins
Casper to Gillette

Secondly, perhaps it's time to admit to some "heavy conversation" we had internally over an aspect of the DLC. With a somewhat heavy heart, originally we had not planned to include the Yellowstone National Park, as it's not open to trucks for through traffic. But as the release got closer, we have started receiving more and more input from the fan community suggesting that we should reconsider. Eventually, we decided that we should add an extra couple of weeks of production time and figure out a way for players to access the region. You may have noticed a small "confirmation" on our message board for all the speculations on the inclusion of Yellowstone as posted here.

In the real world, semi-trucks are prohibited from passing through the national park, the region is protected from heavy traffic. But surely, there may be valid reasons for specific cargo to get in or out of the park when needed, possibly with a special permit issued by an appropriate local government agency. So while our in-game navigation should never route you through the park on long-haul jobs, we decided that with a bit of an artistic license we can deliver specific cargoes in or out of Yellowstone.

In the initial implementation, we are going to cover only a part of the national park, though it's quite likely that eventually, we may look into extending at least Road 89 towards Montana when the time is right. For players who want to explore Yellowstone, you may take advantage of one of the Special Transport options, where the regional authority will task you with delivering a large helicopter of the type used to fight wildfires. 

Hopefully, you’ve already seen our official announcement of the release date for Wyoming DLC. If by any chance you’ve missed it, you can visit the blog post which also features an absolutely marvelous video trailer, and don’t forget to add Wyoming to your Steam wishlist once you check it all out!

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