Friday, September 17, 2021

Wyoming Community Spotlight

With the recent release of Wyoming for American Truck Simulator, we have been flooded with various feedback coming from all over the world and all kinds of platforms. 

Today, we’ll present to you some of this feedback, starting with the opinions of some of our favorite content creators, who have been busier than ever, recording and streaming their journeys in this new state. We truly appreciate these creators telling us about their experience and we’re excited to share with you what they had to say about the latest map expansion!

"Wyoming is packed with detail and surprises in every town. The first thing I noticed about the new map is the large area in the northwest corner, there was no city or delivery points. The map team built this huge area just to explore Yellowstone. They did not have to put a purely recreational section on the map but they did it anyway, and it's beautiful! While driving between cities, there is detail in the distance and close by to make every drive feel like there is something new. The landmarks and places of interest in cities and even truck stops are just like they are in real life! They really captured the atmosphere of Wyoming." - Ryastream

"WOW, just WOW *stares out the window* OKAY! It’s time to keep your eyes on the road! With plenty of roads to explore, you’ll definitely see lots of different terrains and scenery that Wyoming has to offer. There is plenty to do here too, from visiting landmarks, cities, viewpoints and cattle farms, and much more! After traveling around for 10 hours or so, I feel like there is still much more out there to find, including working on those new achievements. SCS Software has done a fantastic job with this DLC and the attention to detail is fantastic." - Jenko90_

"Fancy exploring a new state in American Truck Simulator? Wyoming has countless awe-inspiring natural wonders. Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Bighorn National Parks will leave you staggered. Devils Tower, Hell’s Half Acre, and Flaming Gorge Dam are some of the coolest landmarks I have ever seen in ATS. The DLC is abundant in small challenging roads, including a thrilling under-construction road in US-287; along with numerous state-of-the-art company depots. I highly recommend this DLC to all the ATS players; I can assure you that you will not regret it." - A. P. 101 Gaming

"Let’s just start off by saying that Wyoming was way more enjoyable than I expected. I have not personally been there but there are those who said that the map was “Spot on”. I had a wonderful time driving through the mountains and open terrains. The details of textures are amazing and it has a realistic feel to it. There are plenty of rest stops and most come with a beautiful view. I plan on opening every viewpoint because the one near the Devil’s Tower absolutely blew me away. THANK YOU for adding Livestock! Being a country girl, this was a great addition." - ThatGirlNisha

"The moment I crossed the Wyoming border, I immediately started noticing the little details SCS put in, and as an outsider being able to catch all these things, that is saying a lot. It truly is a fully immersive experience. Even my community members who are locals of Wyoming are impressed by the accuracy of the new areas. Great job SCS. Thank you for pouring so much hard work into this DLC. It definitely shows!" - The Clumsy Geek

"From state to state, I am amazed at the quality and quantity of work that the mapper teams do. In a frankly small area, everything that is in the real state of Wyoming was recreated. Each region of the state has its own climate, its own vegetation, and its own "places of power". In the south, the climate is arid, there are not many plants and grass, especially noticeable on the border with the state of Utah. Majestic mountains, wide plains, vast agricultural land... Pure nature. And don't be afraid of the Bison, they are cute." - TheAlive55

"The Wyoming DLC is really, really nice. I am always surprised by how great the developers from SCS Software can create landscapes. The attention to the details, even in this map expansion, is absolutely breathtaking!" - Chris Maximus

But our #BestCommunityEver consists of many more other members. Our social media channels have been filled to the brim with photos & videos from your first journey in this new state. We love looking through them during the workday and we even share them with each other across our internal channels. You can continue to send us your screenshots and videos from Wyoming on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #ThatsWY.

We have also received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews on our Steam Page. To everyone who takes the time to write reviews and give constructive criticism about Wyoming, thank you! Here are just a few of our favorites! If you would like to leave a review, be sure to do so at the Wyoming Steam Store Page.

However, Wyoming hasn't just gotten attention in the form of community-created content, but also from official press coverage, such as this fantastic review article from PCInvasion. We highly recommend giving them a read if you are still unsure if Wyoming is worth the trip in American Truck Simulator. 

We are extremely grateful for the general feedback and we appreciate the support of the #BestCommunityEver. Our developers are always doing their best to transform their passion into game design, and it is truly encouraging to read this type of feedback. Thank you all very much!

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