Thursday, January 13, 2022

Montana - New Industries

While Montana’s national parks, vast forests, and untamed wilderness areas are some of the finest offerings of the local nature, proper truckers have to remember the reason for their journey whilst admiring the scenery. Today, we are delighted to share with you screenshots of several depots and information about the new industries arriving in the upcoming Montana DLC for American Truck Simulator.

Waste Transfer Station

A transfer station is a building or processing site used for temporary deposition, consolidation, and aggregation of waste. This station is used for sorting of the waste to plastic, glass, or paper, and then all of these materials move on for recycling, or they return to different factories to be used in production.

Truck Trailer Service

Services for truck trailers are an important part of every trucker’s life since inevitably every driver has to visit these areas sooner or later. But repairs and parts will not be your only focus while visiting, as you will also be tasked to haul numerous materials to and from some of these locations.

Great Falls Airport

The Great Falls International Airport is a public/military airport southwest of central Great Falls. The Federal Aviation Administration records say that the airport had an incredible number of 155,204 passenger boardings in 2010. This area will be represented by a large storehouse in the game and the drivers will be able to haul many characteristic materials.

Talc Factory

Many of you may be familiar with the mineral known as "talc". It can be crushed into a white powder that is most commonly referred to as "talcum powder". Most of this material is used in Montana in the production of paper, paints, and coatings, as well as the making of plastics, rubber, and ceramics. With such a wide variety of final products, it is hardly a surprise you will be able to haul to and from a couple of these factories. 

Sugar Plants

Sugar is made from cane and sugar beets. The latter is heavily harvested on enormous local farms, which have produced billions of tons of these plants in the span of the last couple of decades. Converting sugar beets into sugar is a complicated process, which is then followed by a distribution of the final, and additional, materials. These additional cargos may include, for example, betain or carbon dioxide gas.

Grain Elevators

Montana is known for producing high-quality wheat and barley, and grain elevators are large granaries used for storing these materials. You will realize how important these areas are for the local economy while driving on the US-2 highway, which is surrounded solely by fields for several miles. 

Electricity Network Service

The energy company located in these services is responsible for installing and maintaining various kinds of electrical equipment, including generators of various sizes. It does not produce this equipment but stores it. The company then distributes the generators to neighborhoods, ranches, stock auctions, depots, and Electric Substations, which is an area for direct installation of the generators.

Silane Gas

Silane is a flammable gas that is pyrophoric, which means that once it’s released into the air, it can ignite without an ignition source. This makes the production and transportation of silane gas an extremely complicated and dangerous matter. 

Landscape Supplies

These areas will probably offer cargoes such as gardening supplies including plants, flowers, trees, gravel, stones, rocks, paving, fences, grass, and fertilizers.

Please keep in mind that everything shown and mentioned in this article is still very much a "work in progress". If you're already excited to explore Montana industries, make sure to add Montana DLC to your Steam Wishlist. We still plan to share with you more details about the Montana industries in the future, so stay in touch to not miss out on anything interesting.

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