Monday, January 24, 2022

Texas - Cotton Gin

It’s time to reveal another new industry arriving in the upcoming Texas DLC for American Truck Simulator. And once again, as is often the case with this state, it’s going to be something big! Let’s take a look at the Cotton Industry and explore what makes the local production unique.

Texas produces more cotton than any other state in the entire U.S., with roughly 40% of the country’s total production. The fields are located mostly northwest and southeast, covering more than nine million acres, which is an area equivalent of approximately 14,000 square miles (36,259 square kilometers). Thanks to this, you will have an opportunity to drive past these fields, which will offer a characteristic view of oil extraction machines or wind turbines being surrounded by an incredible amount of white cotton plants.

The beginnings of cotton production can be traced all the way back to 5500 BC and it is amazing to see how far it has come in the modern age. This progress has mostly been achieved by the development of the cotton gin, which is a machine used for processing cotton. The final material has a large variety of uses, for example in the textile industry. It is perhaps thanks to its flexible utilization, that cotton is the second-highest ranked commodity based on the market value in Texas.

It seems that the cotton industry is truly an important part of the overall economy of The Lonestar State. And if you cannot wait to drive past the vast and iconic fields, make sure to add the Texas map expansion to your Steam Wishlist, so you can show us how excited you truly are. Also, make sure to stay in touch with all the latest news, as we still have a lot of information to share with you in regards to this massive state!

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