Sunday, February 20, 2022

1.44 Unmarked Roads Exploration

While trucking should mainly be about striving to achieve excellent performances and getting the job properly done, the size of the maps of our games tends to bring out a desire to explore every corner of every accessible area. And in the upcoming 1.44 update, this aspect of the game is going to receive a very important change!

The most observant amongst you may be aware of the fact that during your journey, you can sometimes stumble upon a passage that is not shown on the map and which leads to something... interesting. Afterward, once you leave the area, the unmarked passage is still not visible on the map. This will however be slightly different in the future!

With the 1.44 update, we are bringing into ATS and ETS2 a new feature; once you drive onto an unmarked road, you will be notified about having done so with a message in the route advisor, and the explored road will appear on the map as an orange dashed line, with any unexplored part ahead of you shown in gray. On one hand, this will ensure that you will immediately be aware of the fact that you have found something interesting, and on the other hand, if you ever decide to re-visit a hidden zone you will know where to go.

Well, it looks like once the new update is available, it will be the perfect time to awaken your inner explorer and always be wary of any suspicious turns that could lead to something unique. Once you get your hands on our games with this new feature, make sure to let us know via social media or on the forum what interesting thing you managed to find!

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