Monday, February 28, 2022

SCS Software Statement

On February 24, 2022, Russian military forces attacked the free country of Ukraine, which is located very close to the country of the Czech Republic, where our studio and team are based. We have all been left shocked and with very deep pain in our hearts since that day. All our thoughts are with those people and their families suffering the terrible effects of all that is happening over Ukraine during the past days. We would like to announce our company statement: we stand against the invasion of Ukraine. We deeply condemn this act of aggression for which there is no reason, nor excuse.

Even though our teams are multinational, the core of the company has its roots in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. The history of our country carries a memory of sad happenings that resonate in very similar ways with what has been happening in Ukraine in the recent days, weeks, and months. We see a very close parallel with what happened here back in 1938 and 1968, and it leaves us deeply concerned and full of emotions and pain that the modern world has to witness such horrific times again.

As soon as we learnt about this disastrous news, the whole company has immediately turned 100% of its focus and energy into finding ways in which we can provide help and support to those in need, towards those affected the most by the sad impacts of war. 

We are in close touch with multiple charities to which we have already sent over 20,000€, and more of such direct financial help from our side will come in the upcoming days and weeks. We have also relocated a part of our team to immediately start working on a much needed DLC - the Ukrainian Paint Jobs Pack, which we are racing to bring to the Steam Store as soon as possible and from which we are going to donate 100% of the income towards those in need.

Besides all this, we are also doing our best to support our team members in any way we can. Several of our colleagues are from Ukraine. We have bound ourselves to give them and their families all the support we can, whether it is financial support for any extra costs they might have during these hard times; early salaries; mental health support; extra days off, or special and flexible working times; or even providing them the company spaces and facilities for accommodation. We are not only doing this as a company, as we are getting multiple messages from almost all of our team members, that they are joining and supporting charities, providing blankets, clothes, hygiene, medical supplies, and other items to charity collections, and more. 

Dark and difficult times are here and we know that now is the time for all of us to stick together and help in any way we can, no matter if as a single person, or as a collective, team, or company. The world responded and there are multiple avenues in which every single one of us can join in and support those affected by this terrible war. We, as the SCS Software team, plan to keep on supporting and providing help in the upcoming future too, whether it would be a direct financial donation from the sales of our games or any other way we will discover. 

Our prayers and hopes are with you, Ukraine.

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