Friday, March 11, 2022

Austria Rework - Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria, is a city best known as the beautiful backdrop to Academy Award winning musical, “The Sound of Music” and as the birthplace of one of the greatest composers in history, Mozart.  As a city steeped in tradition and surrounded by nature, it is a modern cultural centre in the heart of Europe.

While this city at the foot of the Alps does offer lots in the way musical history, visitors will find there's a lot to discover; and the same goes for drivers in Euro Truck Simulator 2 too. As part of the Austria rework being undertaken by our team, we are excited to share with you a variety of screenshots and details in regards to the rework of this historic city and what changes you expect to see in a future update.

The layout of Salzburg and its surrounding road network has changed quite a bit, when compared with the current version in ETS2. While this city was one of the more challenging reworks for our team, especially due to scale limitations, they have managed to bring many new details into this area. From a brand new industry area featuring a beverage factory, to the Knoten Salzburg motorway junction; which is an important addition to Salzburg!

We are happy to bring updates on this rework project and we know many of you are itching at the wheel to travel to Austria again; and we will be sure to let you know closer to the time when it is ready! Until then however, keep on trucking and we will see you for the next exciting blog topic. 

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