Tuesday, March 8, 2022

International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day and we’d like to dedicate this day to recognizing and celebrating the contributions and achievements of our female staff, gamers, and women in general.

We at SCS Software appreciate the hard work of all the girls and women out there, especially the ones who are closest to us. This means that we recognize the importance and key role that women have in the success of the gaming industry as a whole, which we are directly able to see by the effort of our colleagues here within the company itself.

Additionally, the talent is further proven by all the female truckers, who are tirelessly delivering cargo whether it is night or day. And to all the virtual truckers who are part of our #BestCommunityEver, we are delighted with your support of our games and we hope we will be able to reach out to even more girls with ETS2 and ATS in the future.

We have also taken the time to sit down with some of our amazing and talented women at work and ask them a couple of questions about what it means for them personally to be a part of the gaming industry while representing our company. Maybe it will give the most aspiring some motivation to make the final step and give a career in the gaming industry a try!

"Building maps is an ideal combination of creative use, game design, and a reasonable portion of technicalities. A world is literally growing in front of you and you can see the fruits of your work right away, which is really motivating." - Denisa (Map Designer)

"I am really fond of graphic arts and it has always been my dream to be a graphic designer. I think this company is ideal for creative and hard-working people who want to work in game design." - Adel (2D Graphic Designer)

"I tried my luck, got through the interviews, and now, I´ve been working for SCS for more than a year. I would definitely recommend the job. The people are just great and everybody's talents come to use." - Mary (Researcher)

"To put it simply, I saw a dream workplace, I managed to become a part of the team and advance my career, which I am very grateful for. I keep recommending the company to all my acquaintances. There are plenty of opportunities for people who would like to work in game design but don't have enough experience or are good at something else." - Maruška (Communications Specialist/Recruiter)

"I decided to apply because I´ve always been interested in computer games and art. Before I came across the SCS job offer, I never thought I could make a living this way and that was the point when I gathered the courage to try. I don't regret my decision at all." - Eliška (Map Designer)

"I finished my Master's degree (totally out of the game industry) and I saw the research position on the Internet. I’m a videogames player, but I would never say that I could work in this industry with no programming or graphic design skills. I just took my chances. Getting a job advancement and with future possibilities, I definitely do not regret the decision I made back then." - Verča (Map Asset Specialist)

"I was looking for a job as an assistant. There were a lot of job offers but the SCS one was very well composed and caught my eye. When I was selected, I was really happy. Company culture and fine colleagues above all are very important factors for me." - Anet (HR Administration)

"I decided on this position because I wanted to challenge myself with more complex tasks, having to communicate more with colleagues and because organization and planning skills are needed, too." - Maggie (Game Designer for WOTR)

We hope we have managed to brighten up the day of every single woman reading this blog post and you will face the rest of the day with a big smile. Happy International Women's Day to you all around the entire world. You are the sun in our days! 

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