Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Montana - Community Spotlight

After the recent release of Montana DLC for American Truck Simulator, we have been flooded with various feedback coming from all sides and lurking behind every corner. We love seeing all the screenshots and videos on various social media, experiences of the content creators, reviews, and both positive opinions and constructive criticism. 

Today, we’ll present to you some of this feedback, starting with screenshots and videos which filled out social media channels to the brim. We love reading about the journeys of the members of #BestCommunityEver and we even share your posts with each other across our internal channels. You can continue to send us your screenshots and videos from Montana by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok.

We have also received an outstanding amount of positive reviews on our Steam Page. We are grateful to everyone who takes the time to leave a review or provide us with constructive criticism about Montana! Here are a few of our favorites. If you would like to add a review yourself, be sure to do so at the Montana Steam Store Page.

Speaking of reviews, our latest DLC has also managed to catch the eye of some official press coverage, such as this wonderful review article from PCInvasion. If you are still unsure whether Montana is a worthy addition to your American Truck Simulator map, we recommend giving the full article a read.

Furthermore, we have decided to reach out to some of your favorite content creators, who have been busier than ever, recording and streaming their trucking journeys in the new map expansion. We would like to thank all these creators for sharing with us their opinions and allowing us to pass them along to our blog readers.

"Montana is easily the best 20+ hours of new roads to hit this game! Starting from the western side, I was immediately taken back by the mountains towering over the road. A back road I found is nothing short of a joy and shows the level of detail they are willing to put into things some people might not even find! I immediately headed up to Glacier National Park and was not disappointed. The views are breathtaking and now I probably have to go there in real life. One thing I have noted is that people that live in Montana from my community are blown away by the accuracy of the towns and roads. Once again another must-buy state." - RyaStream

"Wow.. just wow! Montana is packed with such detail and surprises in each town. SCS have put in such amazing work to make the state look absolutely incredible! The attention to the small details in this map expansion is absolutely breathtaking. I had such a fun time exploring all the new places in Montana but I have to say Great Falls is for sure my favorite place on the map with such great views to look out for. Make sure to stop at all the viewpoints to be even more blown away by Montana's beauty! Great job SCS you did the community proud for sure." - GamingPeach

"Montana is way better than we expected it to be! From the beautiful countryside scenery to the amazing architecture spotted in big cities, Montana is a must-have for anyone in the ATS world! We were amazed to see new cargo options as well! We have spent the last week exploring everything Montana has to offer, and we still have more to discover! Thank you SCS Software for once again blowing it out of the water and making American Truck Simulator even more enjoyable than it already was! 5 Stars from the 517!"Stream517 (Chris & Laci)

"It’s hard to believe that SCS is able to top their map DLCs in quality every single time! This DLC features the ‘Treasure State’ of Montana where you can explore the famous Glacier & Yellowstone National Parks. The winding roads offer jaw-dropping vistas & stunning backdrops. The most challenging road ever in ATS with scary cliffs & broken bridges is also in the DLC (but is hidden in the map). It’s not just mountains though, as you can also find flat areas towards the eastern part. I must mention the wonderful industries too; they are unique and often huge!" - A. P. 101 Gaming

And finally, we’d like to take a moment to say how blown away we are by the collective force of the #BestCommunityEver. With the release of the DLC, we started a World of Trucks event with a community goal of driving 100,000,000 miles (160,934,400 km) while delivering cargoes to or from any city in Montana, and you have all absolutely smashed it in less than two weeks. Great job! Just don’t forget, you still have until 25th of September at 23:59 UTC to get your personal rewards, which you can learn more about in the dedicated blog post.

To wrap it all up, once again, we appreciate the general feedback so much and we bow before the immense support. All of our developers are always doing their best to transition their passion into game design, and it is encouraging to see it pay off by receiving such incredible feedback. Thank you all very much!

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