Thursday, August 4, 2022

Montana Release

Dear #BestCommunityEver, the day is finally here! We are excited to let you know that the final preparations to release the Montana DLC for American Truck Simulator are quickly approaching the finish line. 

Montana DLC is now available on Steam for everyone!

So what exactly does our Montana DLC have to offer for truckers? These are just a few of the things we think you will love: 
  • Deliver to and from 15 cities and discover 17 settlements 
  • Discover and deliver to Montana's important industries like Sugar Plants, Talc Factory, Silane Gas, Electric Network Service, and more!
  • Drive on the Going-to-the-sun road.
  • See landmarks unique to Montana
  • Visit Glacier National Park and part of the Yellowstone National Park and get bird's-eye views with many new viewpoints.
  • Admire accurate representations of cities like Helena, Bozeman, Missoula, Kalispell, and more!
  • Visit and take a rest at famous Montana rest stops & gas stations.
  • Unlock Montana-specific Steam Achievements
...and much more!

We will also have a World of Trucks event for those who will set out on a journey across The Treasure State, with unique rewards to be earned once you complete delivery to or from 12 different Montana cities and drive a certain amount of miles. You can learn more about the rules in yesterday’s blog post and take part in #CruisingMontana at, where you can register an account for free. We can’t wait to see your photos and clips across our Social Media channels using the hashtag (feel free to tag our official accounts - TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok)!

The event will be concluded on Sunday the 25th of September at 23:59 UTC. Since we don’t want anyone to feel pressure to rush through the DLC as fast as possible, we hope this time frame will give everyone enough freedom to drive through this wonderful state at their own pace and still get rewarded for being an early adopter of the map expansion.

Oh, and we also have one more special reward for you. If you will take any External Contract or External Market job to or from the city of Kalispell, you will earn a Mountain Goat plush toy as a cabin accessory! While not listed as a state symbol, these "climbers" are quite often seen in the elevated rocky areas above the roads and we figured since Kalispell is the closest to the mountains you might feel like taking of these interesting fellas on a trip all around the US in your mighty truck.

We would also like to invite you to a special Montana release live stream on our official Twitch channel starting at 17:00 CEST. Don't miss out on this broadcast as we talk with Davido (DLC Lead) PLUS a special guest appearance from Pavel Šebor CEO of SCS Software! We will be answering questions from the community, talking in-depth about the DLC, giving away free Montana Steam keys and of course, releasing the highly anticipated map expansion LIVE on stream!

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring what Montana has to offer! We will see you on the roads!

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