Friday, June 9, 2023

In-game Dynamic Billboards

Some of you may have noticed the appearance of actual, real recruitment campaign assets in American Truck Simulator from Schneider National, one of the largest logistics companies in the United States, displayed on in-game billboards. Even though we’ve previously used the in-game billboards to showcase a variety of exciting updates such as the arrival of new Kenworth trucks and promotions for our WoTr event, this new addition is now in the try-out phase and we believe it holds promise in offering something valuable to our games as well as the automotive industry.

Our primary intention goes beyond mere advertisements. We aim to provide opportunities that bring attention to interesting details organically within our game world - things of value and deeper meaning. The introduction of Schneider National's recruitment campaign further builds upon this vision.

That is why when Schneider National approached us with their desire for us to help them with their recruitment campaign, we were excited to collaborate since it presents something new and also allows us to assist the need of the trucking industry in general considering the current shortage of skilled professionals. As one of the leading logistics companies in the US, Schneider National's reputation and legitimacy are unquestionable. We saw this partnership as a chance to embark on a new journey and conduct experiments that could potentially have a positive impact and we are grateful to Schneider National for this opportunity.

We respect your gaming experience and want to ensure that it remains enjoyable and immersive. We believe that featuring industry-related content within the game can be both relevant and beneficial. Besides, with countless players passing by our in-game billboards, who knows? Someone might stumble upon a recruiting sign, prompting them or their friend to consider a job application at Schneider National or perhaps contemplate a career in the trucking industry.

For now, we have chosen ATS as the testing ground for these dynamic billboards. By starting with English-only content, we can focus on refining the experiment without the complexities of localization. 

The positive feedback we have received from those who have noticed this change has inspired us to continue exploring opportunities and provide meaningful visual assets that go beyond traditional advertising. Together, we can create a more immersive and purposeful in-game world, and we’re immensely excited to see where this partnership will take us in the future.

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