Sunday, July 9, 2023

West Balkans - Aluminium Industry

The aluminium industry in the West Balkans region is very important, as it is driving economic prosperity, creates job opportunities, and drives industrial growth. With a number of countries boasting robust aluminium production and processing facilities, coupled with abundant bauxite reserves, the region enjoys a competitive advantage. These are the reasons why the industry stands out in the upcoming West Balkans DLC.

We’ve already touched upon this topic in a previous blog post dedicated to the industries of West Balkans DLC in general, however, we figured that perhaps we should paint you a full picture by providing you with some of the locations that you will be able to find aluminium-related areas in. 

In addition to a unique Bauxite Terminal in Nikšíč, we have two new depots in the aluminium production chain. One of them is the Aluminium Foundry located in the cities of Podgorica, Mostar, and Karakaj. One more can be found in Kragujevac which functions as a general foundry.

The other depot is the Metal Light Factory present in the cities of Tirana, Sarajevo, Maribor, Niš, Vlorë, and one near Belgrade.

All of these additions will require you to haul in a variety of raw materials and then after, finished products in the form of iron structures or moldings. An interesting feature is that each of these three depots includes an interior section, allowing players to explore and appreciate the intricate details inside.

Please bear in mind that this particular industry is currently a work-in-progress and there might be slight changes between the information presented and in the full release. But, speaking of the future, in one of the upcoming blog posts, we will delve into the brands and their designs, as well as showcasing some concept art. Keep an eye out on the blog or follow us on social media (TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) to be instantly notified about any new updates. As always, make sure to also add the map expansion to your Steam Wishlist to support this project.

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