Sunday, February 11, 2024

Arkansas - Weigh Stations, Rest Areas & Welcome Centre

If you're travelling from afar, the first thing that may come to your mind after a long journey may be to take a well deserved rest, or perhaps a quick stop at a Welcome Center to find out what's on offer in the area. Like many other states, our upcoming Arkansas DLC for American Truck Simulator will feature both of these, welcoming in travellers from across the USA! 

Welcome Center

On your journey into Arkansas, you'll be able to discover two Welcome Centers, both designed for visitors and truckers alike. The first being on the border close to Louisiana, where you'll find a variety of parking spots, a resting area for truckers, dedicated covered picnic tables and of course, the main welcome center itself which features the state's name and official nickname, built from locally sourced native stone! 

You'll find the second Welcome Center on the border with Texas on US-71, and while it features a similar design, it features a larger layout, parking and rest area. The design of the main building itself received a significant upgrade in 2017, increasing its size due to its popularity and proximity to the state line. 

Rest Areas

Taking regular rest breaks is vital for drivers to combat fatigue and maintain their alertness while driving long distances. While it is required for drivers to stop for at least a 30 minute break, feel free to pull in for a rest at one of Arkansas' Rest Areas whenever you like! 

One such rest area you will find is the White River Rest Area, situated nearby the picturesque White River. This rest area beckons weary travellers with its tranquil ambiance and scenic vistas.

Weigh Stations

Whilst Welcome Centers and Rest Areas are not necessary stops on one's journey, you may be legally required to pull into a Weigh Station. Their purpose is to ensure heavy vehicles comply with state weight regulations, whilst promoting road safety and preventing damage to infrastructure.

Make sure to pull in if you hear your weigh station alarm activate, failing to comply may result in a hefty fine! 

With all these options to stop, we aren't slowing down our work on the Arkansas DLC. If you are excited about this upcoming state coming to American Truck Simulator, make sure to add it your Steam Wishlist! Until next time, keep on truckin'. 

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