Friday, February 9, 2024

Cruising Kansas & Christmas Winterland Conclusion

In the last few months, our incredible #BestCommunityEver has been on a roll, diving headfirst into two fantastic World of Trucks events! First up was the #CruisingKansas event, showcasing our latest map expansion in American Truck Simulator. Following that, the festive spirit took over with the #ChristmasWinterland event, spreading joy in both ETS2 and ATS. You managed to complete both events on time before their conclusion on 5th February!

We want to thank our incredible #BestCommunityEver for their fantastic participation in both the #CruisingKansas and the monumental #ChristmasWinterland events. Your dedication truly made these experiences extraordinary!

In the Cruising Kansas World of Trucks event, you managed to complete more than 489,000 deliveries and drove over 135 million miles! In the unique Christmas Winterland event, you completed more than 2,600,000 deliveries!

Speaking of the Christmas Winterland, let's take a moment to acknowledge the immense effort that went into creating our biggest event to date. The scope of this project was enormous, and overcoming the challenges was no small feat. Yet, witnessing the overwhelming support and enthusiasm from our community since the event's kick-off reassured us that it was the right investment of our efforts.

We believe this isn't the last you've seen the magical Christmas Winterland or the technology that brought it to life – including those mesmerizing portals and more. Stay tuned for more! We're planning an exclusive Under the Hood blog, featuring interviews with the developers behind the scenes of this event.

We also hope you'll enjoy the rewards from both these events and decorate your cabin with beautiful Kansas and Christmas accessories!

Your passion and excitement have not only turned these events into huge successes but have also fueled our commitment to delivering more in the future. We really appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to more exciting adventures together!

Don't forget to follow us on our social media (X/TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) so you won't miss out on any news about them. Until then, we wish you safe and happy driving!

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