Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Arkansas - Road Network

Arkansas's extensive road network, a web of highways, interstates, and local roads, plays a crucial role for truckers. These routes traverse the state's diverse landscapes, connecting rural areas with larger towns and cities. This connectivity is not only vital for the state's economy but also for the efficiency and reliability of freight movement across the country. Today we are happy to share with you a preview of some of the Road Networks you'll find in our upcoming Arkansas DLC for American Truck Simulator.

Whilst there will be plenty of roads to explore, some of the major Interstates you'll come across include the I-30, I-40, and I-49, which span between several important cities and towns. Along the I-49, players will have the opportunity to travel through the States' first and only interstate tunnel, the Bobby Hopper Tunnel! Whether traveling through Arkansas or beyond, these roads serve as a vital connection for industries and small businesses alike.

Arkansas will also feature important highway routes including Highway 412 and 70, which links Arkansas to Oklahoma, as well as the US-82 which enters the State from Texas. These connections will certainly be popular among truckers who take on long-haul deliveries across the U.S.! 

In towns and cities, you'll find unique intersections as well as several interesting level crossings. Drivers will also come across a few roundabouts, which although rare, are starting to become more of a common sight across the USA. One unique example can be found in the city of Magnolia, where a roundabout was built around the Columbia County Circuit Clerk building, which makes for quite the landmark.

There will also be quite a few areas, and scenic roads which we encourage players to find for themselves, as they will not (at first) be shown on the map. We hope you'll enjoy discovering and exploring these areas for yourself.  

We hope you enjoyed this preview of some of the roads you'll be traveling on in Arkansas. Looking forward to driving on them yourself? Then be sure to add it to your Steam Wishlist! We are excited to share more previews and news with you in the future, until then, keep on truckin'.

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