Sunday, June 2, 2024

Nebraska - Community Spotlight

After the recent release of the Nebraska DLC for American Truck Simulator, we've been inundated with feedback, photos, videos and more across our various social media channels. Along with valuable insights from content creators, we really do appreciate both the positive and constructive criticism which has come our way so far!

Today, we're happy to highlight some of the content that has been flooding our notifications daily, including some of the videos that have come across our feed on YouTube. We'd like to thank all those who have taken the time to create and share their Nebraska DLC content with us so far. Keep sharing those screenshots and videos by tagging us on X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok

The Steam Store Page for the Nebraska DLC is also abuzz with comments! A sincere thank you to everyone who has taken a moment to share their review or offer constructive feedback about Nebraska, it really does help motivate our teams and helps us to make future improvements.

If you've been enjoying trucking through the Cornhusker State and want to share your review, we'd love to read about it! You can write your own review on our Nebraska DLC Steam Store Page, simply scroll to the bottom to find the dedicated area. 

We also reached out to a few of the many content creators who have live-streamed and/or created videos on Nebraska over the past couple of weeks, and asked them how they've been enjoying the latest map expansion for American Truck Simulator! Thank you to those who so generously shared their perspectives and enabling us to convey them to our blog readers.

Prime Simulation

"The Nebraska DLC is the latest addition to the American Truck Simulator map, and it does not disappoint! I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing Nebraska during its early access phase, and logging hundreds of miles post release - exploring “The Cornhusker State” from east to west and everything in between. SCS Software has raised the bar on quality once again by recreating the natural beauty, landmarks, and logistic networks of the state to an exceptional level. Although the Nebraska DLC has many great attributes, a highlight feature for me is the brand new Dynamic Loading/Unloading feature! Simply put… It’s game changing! From Omaha to Scottsbluff, the Nebraska DLC offers something for every ATS player." - Prime Simulations


"The Nebraska DLC is a brilliant addition to American Truck Simulator, Time after time SCS Software releases a DLC which gets better and better. They have once again done a fantastic job with this  DLC which I know loads of ATS players are truly enjoying. Hitting the roads and exploring the many highly detailed cities which this great DLC has to offer brings a massive amount of immersion and realism, I am really enjoying exploring Nebraska, Brings a great amount of fun with exploring amazing scenery along the way. I thank SCS Software for their truly fantastic work which they have done with the Nebraska DLC and all of the work they have created in the past. I look forward to seeing what they have planned for the future!" - Duude

My Over-The-Road Trucking Adventure

As a former over-the-road truck driver, I have spent countless miles driving across Nebraska on Interstate Highway 80 as I traversed the country. I have also spent a great deal of time picking up and delivering loads in Grand Island, so I was amazed to see the accurate recreation of the area, including the main truck stop there; seeing the tank and caboose on display at the entrance really took me back! Thank you to SCS for allowing me to relive my adventures across Nebraska; you've done it again! - My Over-The-Road Trucking Adventure


"Once again SCS has shown just what its team is capable of with the latest Nebraska release... Going into this DLC my expectations were drive through a state with not a lot of character so to say. I must say that I was completely proven wrong. The sights in Nebraska shift from the more natural landscapes like seen in previous DLC's to more historical landmarks, places of interest and small towns with cultural importance. After a week of exploring Nebraska, I feel like I have not only gotten more terrific content to explore in American Truck Simulator but also a lesson in its history. Not everything is marked on the map as a photo trophy or viewpoint either which I soon found out after entering Nebraska for the first time. So, keep your head on a swivel while exploring this wonderful DLC because you never know just what you will find out there. The challenge is finding the challenge." -Nightmare_Se

We are excited to have you on the roads of Nebraska! Keep sharing your adventures with us by using #CruisingNebraska on social media and follow us for all the latest news. Until then, keep on truckin'! 

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