Saturday, October 23, 2010

Revisiting Extreme Trucker

It is finally time to start showing you more from the second project under development at SCS Software currently - 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2. This game is actually supposed to be finished much sooner that ETS2 - to be available on the market very early next year already.

Extreme Trucker 2 is a project commissioned by ValuSoft. While SCS is the developer, we do not decide on the features and we do not own the resulting product; it belongs to the game's publisher - the game is created on order and budget provided by ValuSoft. Those of you who know the previous game are surely aware that the aim of the games is a bit different than where we are headed with "serious" simulator series - it is simpler, there is no deep "tycoon-style" gameplay included, it's more arcade-like, quicker to get into and enjoy driving in very diverse conditions around the globe.

Extreme Trucker 2 builds on the previous game, but it's not just a small facelift. We are adding two new maps, but all the older maps have been extended too. There should be a glimpse in the new game of the all-new physics system that we are developing, also the AI has undergone major upgrades (and we'll keep on improving it further). We also did important work on the effects system, it will be most noticeable on the way the truck lights work at night.

A few pictures here on the blog, a larger gallery has been posted a short time ago on SCS Software's facebook page.