Friday, October 22, 2010

Working hard on new vehicles

We still have a long way to go to complete Euro Truck Simulator 2, but we are happy to show you the progress that we are making here on our blog.

Major effort is going into building quite a lot of all new 3D assets for the new game. There will be some re-use from older generation games, but a lot of things are going to be new - several tractors, certain trailers and cargoes, larger fleet of ambient traffic cars, buildings, vegetation...

Here is a few images from another re-built truck. Keep your fingers crossed that we are allowed eventually to ship this model the way it's been built. We feel quite optimistic about our negotiations with several truck manufacturers that we are currently involved in - let's hope that we can conclude the talks successfully so that there would be more of real world brands represented in the game.


  1. I like it :)

    Although 1 more question?! Now you're guys are having negotiations with the manufactures maybe you can ask to do the smaller ones too.
    Here you're showing an Actros but it would be nice if you do the Axor too. Than we would have even more choice to pick a ride?!

    Scania R & P
    MB Actros & Axor
    Daf XF & CF
    Renault Magnum & Premium


  2. what a nice thing !!! Thats what i call a horny Mercedes Truck. Nice glimpses! I am looking forward for you that your plans come true. But can you post another glimpse of a complete customized Actros?

    Keep your works up!

  3. Nice work :) Show us textured Volvo interior :D

  4. Nice, but what about the dynamic shadows?
    It will not be?

  5. It should be nice if you will be able to chose if you want things like spoilers or sunshades on your truck, So you can chose a fleet tractor or a truck with avery thing on it.
    And for example a DAF: you will be able to chose a Cf or Xf with a low cab, space cab or super space cab.
    Every new additional part of ETS 2 will be nice!
    Keep it up!

  6. Beautiful !! very impressive ! keep up the GREAT work... any idea what Month of 2011 this is due to be released ? From James U.K

  7. yes WesNL, you said it.... C class tractors could be other model:
    For Example :
    Daf C class could be DAF CF
    Mercedes C Class could be MB Axor
    Scania C Class could be Scania P
    Volvo C Class could be Volvo FL
    And Renault C Class could be the Premium

    But Keep it up...

  8. Can u give for us Actros tuning pictures, pls?! ;-)

  9. hy, You should to make H-Shifter Option !!!

  10. The truck looks absolutly great! :)
    I really hope you're successful with that negotiations! You would have earned it! Your games shouldn't have to "hide" behind imaginary brands!

    Keep up the really, really great work! :)

    Looking forward to the next blog-entry of yours! ;)

    Greetings from Bavaria!

  11. very good work guys I wish you success in your project.
    can you give us an approximate release date.

    From morocco

  12. Thanks for showing us more details of your work, and can make sure everything is very nice and worked well, and I hope many surprises still to come. Do not forget to give us double and triple trailers ..

    Thanks from Brazil ...

    Rafael Brusque

  13. Well.... you can do better.
    Go easy with that pain gloss effect!

  14. @Daniel, thats not exactly what ive said. I explaining it:
    You will be able to chose if you want things like side skirts or spoilers on your truck by yourself. The A,B,C classes should be away!
    And indeed, their should be More models from one brand come!
    Keep it up SCS!

  15. As there have been some comments on new trucks, because trucks do not do more, for example Mercedes class A, B, C, ought to exist, Mercedes MP1, MP2, MP3, SK. Not only be three trucks of the same series and only changing horses. And so with all brands.

  16. @Skill'z
    Thats a nice idea too, i had allready thaught about that,
    the C class must be the mp1 with the mp1 interior too
    then the b And a classes: the mp2 and mp3 with the right interiors
    And then the same for the other brands
    MAN: the F2000 for the C clas the TGA for B and the TGX for the A class
    Scania: The 4-series, The R Firts generation and second gerneration
    Volvo: The fist, second and third series of FH
    DAF: the 95XF , the XF95 and XF105
    Its a lot of work to model this, but it should be really nice!!

  17. I do not live in Europe, but I often see videos of transportation from there and what I think is missing are tandem trucks because we see enough of this type of truck on the roads of Europe....
    Here's what I'm talking >>> <<<...
    Your work is getting very good and realistic...
    good luck,hugs

  18. Hey SCS, that's extremely high quality work there! Trucks are looking more and more picture-perfect. Can't wait for the next update!

    P.S. how about making a suggestions forum or section on your website so all the ideas can be placed in one area? Or tracked...but I'm sure you're already listing them all yourselves! Thanks for the update!

  19. great game for me is the best of the genre ...

    but ...



    double trailer ....



    SEE ...

    "double cargo" = STYLE Haulin and Long Haul

    SEE ...

    ... WHAT IS THE PROBLEM !!!!!

    WHY NOT??!



    HERE IS THE BRAZIL marinheiropoupay

  20. Nice work. I also agree with some comments here that say that trucks should be different model in A,B,C, not just horsepower difference, but I also understand that requires more modeling of interior and exterior. Anyway, I guess we can always mod that.

    Also, now that you're still with ETS2, I'll want to please ask, beg, or request that you don't release again same game with different names (ETS, GTS, UKTS). Basically, don't release also GTS2, or UKTS2... this only splits the community when talking about mods. It's like spreading the players here and there, in different games. But the thing is that they are basically the same...

    Instead of that, you could do something similar to what you did with Extreme Trucker (where you could pick one map or another), which means that someone could choose if play on UK roads (this would be the UKTS map), european roads (ETS) or german roads (GTS). Just same game, different maps. Also, you could release this extra maps as buyable DLC packs. This way we all use the same game, the same 3D engine, and can access the same mods.

  21. @Katixa
    I agree with you about buyable dlc like

    He do mods for sell, etc...

    Keep it up

  22. Dymanic shading please, that the game to be much more realistic!
    You give dymanic shading for all objects: trucks, trailers, buildings, trees, pylons, bridges, etc!

  23. eai personal beauty?
    well my name is Thiago I'm from Brazil.
    Well first I'd like to give my congratulations to voceis who are doing this very beautiful game and I guarantee you'll be the best ever!
    more I would ask one thing many would like to play online is our guarantee that it would be awesome to make a delivery while playing online with a friend type in real life!
    Well I visit the blog voceis every day to see what's new play that guarantee you'll like it very much!

    I thank you ten.
    A hug

  24. Truck model very nice...
    Trailer model very bad....Facebook screen No.1
    Please new trailer model.....

  25. Yeah you should negotiate with Krone,Schmitz because trailers are very important part of this game

  26. Nice work i would seen more Pictures ike DAF SCANIA MAN and others good luck

  27. There all are talking about models. What about dynamic shadows? Brand new physics? Any progress??

  28. I agree with the previous comment, what about them (dynamic shadows, new physics)?!

  29. Are they any given time it will be released?

  30. It will be great to have atleast some part of '"Bulgaria" in ETS2 :) I aways wanted a game that i can drive something in my country... Anyway BIG UP end GREAT work SCS waiting for release :)

  31. Look at this videos it would be nice to have trucks and trailer combinations like that in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

    Also we the posibility to lift axels fron truck and from the trailer.

  32. Hello, great blog are to be congratulated, I'll give a hint to you that would be more than happy to drivers
    duty, they could start the game as if it were a breeding cycle, starting with a truck older than
    nor would it be if your in the game, would your boss with this work and transport of supplies would raking
    money to grow and thus gaining their own ground transportation company.
    Would be interesting if you had two trains and treminhões, having your own garage your company.

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    Hallo, tolle Blog sind zu beglückwünschen, werde ich einen Hinweis zu geben, dass wäre mehr als glücklich, Treiber
    Pflicht, konnten sie das Spiel, als wäre es eine Zucht-Zyklus, beginnend mit einem LKW älter als Anfang
    noch wäre es, wenn Ihr im Spiel, würde Ihr Chef mit dieser Arbeit und den Transport von Lieferungen würde rechen
    Geld zu wachsen und somit gewinnt ihre eigenen Boden Transportunternehmen.
    Wäre interessant, wenn Sie zwei Züge und treminhões, mit Ihrem eigenen Garage Ihres Unternehmens hatte.

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  33. Just a suggestion, put more chrome on Taques, and wheels would look more real. It would also be nice to put this super Fliegl Train.

    Rodrigo Brasil Best wishes to all

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.


  36. Make car haulers!! :)

  37. Please add dynamic shadows in ETS2!

    Here is a example: Dalija Sped Legenda from fastalex

    1. render picture:,-part-2/24.jpg

    2. ingame picture:

    There is a huge difference!!!
    The 2nd picture it's so sterile :((

    So, please add dynamic shadows!

  38. sorry for my late posting here but it's hard for me to take some time to read all your news... so i saw your new pictures with this Mercedes Actros on facebook and one picture hits my eye :D is it possible to create the trailers with better textures ... all your trailers like reefer and so on look like 640x480 resolution so could you make the trailers with highter textures? hope you understand what i mean

  39. more new countrys to be add to the game

  40. Hojte sice je pěkný že se furt hrabete v té grafice jo super ale taky by to chtělo něco s tim enginem ten prism3d je napytel.A ještě si pohrát s reálností tý hry.Určitě by se vám to vyplatilo.Nechci být naký chytrý vím že je to těžke tak ale je to můj názor.Diky

  41. A ještě neco udělat s těma detailama třeba aby dalkovy a normalni světla byly na dvě tlačítka atd..Díky a doufám že si to někdo přečte

  42. I have seen the screen shorts.They are very nice.Iam eagerly waiting to play this game.Iam the fan of this software.Please mention the system requirements very quickly.Thanq.

  43. i like it BUT can you`re guys give us the choise of both 2 and 3 axels? instedt of only 2 axels.

  44. Quando sai para o mercado o jogo ? estou morto por compra-lo, esta muito bom o jogo parabens.

  45. Será que dá para mostra o camião DAF ? eu amo a DAF, se possivel dava para mostrar um pouco dele ?

  46. thanks for sharing with us such great and informative post, kee it up!

  47. I like it :)
    Show us interior.

  48. vraiment les gars vous faiyr du super boulot ets c'est le meilleur jeux de simulation et le 2 sera je pense encore plus geniale merci d'avoir créer se jeux vous etes les seul a faire des comme sa
    par contre je pense que les seul chose qui manque dans le jeux se sont des camion remorque et toute les gammes de camion meme les petite!! sinon vous cartonner bon courage pour finir ets 2 et bonne continuations!!!!!


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