Friday, October 1, 2010

New cabin screenshots

We are creating a ton of new assets for Euro Truck Simulator 2, and we thought perhaps our fans would enjoy seeing glimpses of the things to come from time to time... so here is a small sample


  1. Perfekt!!!
    More from This Please!
    So cool!

  2. Great interior SCS.
    It's really cool, got the curtains got cool textures.

  3. just perfect.plese provide us with more stuff (photos,videos,infos) about this new game which is expected to be one of the best trucking/simulation games EVER..!!!!!!!

  4. Hi.. Very nice, and amazing interior. Have you got the licence for trucks? because i see the scania emblem on wheel.
    Do you work on the Mercedes interior? :D:D:D i wait it :D Congratulations....Very nice work.

  5. SCS why not make new R?
    update your truck models design now

  6. this is awsome, ETS 2 is going to be king of the road

  7. Great job with that mirrors ! Very detailed interior. Keep it up

  8. Look at the skins game Euro truck simulator-2, and enjoy the beauty of the game. Only now when she will play? In this year or in 2011? And you could make a game that is less than the brakes on the minimum nastrykah when requirements: RAM: 1280 mb and video card Radeon 9600 128 mb.

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  10. It looks nice. But in my opinion, instead of adding a ton of new assets - give us some new physics... And new support for the G25 shifter and FF... and new sounds... and instead of having an auto/manual tick in options, have the option to purchase trucks with either manual or robotic gearboxes (like the iShift or PowerShift), and have them actually switch gears like they should, with a delay, instead of unrealistic instantaneous shifting...

  11. on steering wheel i see a Scania logo... is this means that you going to release with it or as always us modders have to create ones?

  12. I also hope CDMC!
    SCS, if you are reading this, please try to keep real logos, fight for the fans who play&pay your games!

  13. Scs sou Brasileiro e curto de mais a serie de jogos de caminhão de voces ,ESTÁ MUITO LINDO parabens
    mais peço para q voces mudem a fisica do jogo como realmente são os caminhoes, com relação a marcha, subidas decidas freios e tals
    mantenha nos informados e eu vou ter o prazer de comprar este exelente jogo :D

  14. Indeed it's really great and detailed, but will we be able to move in the interior? Because that would be great!
    I also wish for a page where we could give you suggestions about what we would want to see in this new game.

    Thanks, Danyiel.

    Scs am Brazilian and more short game series truck of you, congratulations IS VERY BEAUTIFUL
    I pray more for you to change the physics of the game as they really are the trucks, compared with walking, climbing and decide to brake tals
    keep us informed and I will be happy to buy this excellent game: D

  16. Another thing too,
    please add the artificial intelligence in trucks or more partners leave them example: when we honk or they respond with signs of light or in the series pttm oldest of you remember, if you can heed what I say and also can do So I bet many would like serio ... Hugs and good luck in like development

  17. English/Engels
    Information about ETS2 in the Dutch language on

    Nederlandstalige informatie over ETS2 op

  18. very nice scania interior from the newest R series!

    I can't wait on this beautiful game!!

  19. Very nicely done!I hope you keep up the good work and let all the cabines look as good like this one!
    Hmm, I see an official logo in the screen?! I'm wondering if you guys gonna use it in-game too :)

    Anyway, hurry - want to play the damn game! ;)

  20. 1- The interior looks simply great, is awesome.

    2- That road in front looks like an airport. It's too wide. And maybe it's me, but I see the view is too low for a truck, I think it should be a bit higher. Or maybe it's an effect because the road scale isn't right and it's too wide. Looks like looking from inside a car. Even if the interior is perfect, the gameplay can be ruined by "small" details like these. If the scales are well made, the driving is more realistic and there is more pleasure playing.

    3- Good to see more working mirrors, but the one in the door and the one in front should show the cab exterior too to make them useful. I guess you noticed that on the Hannover event ;). Oh, and I hope all mirrors work in a 3-screen Eyefinity setup, I mean, no frozen mirrors.

    Thanks for sharing, hope to see more of these, and keep the good work.

  21. i agree with the last post, the roads are to big, i have to be honest in saying this could ruin the game.. as it feels like even in a city your still on a highway.

    not every road in europe has two lanes on each side thats only dual carriage ways.
    i'd like to see.
    .small tighter roads
    .country lanes( single lanes)
    .tight spaces like seen here

  22. i have idea for the cabins, but first the height needs setting correctly!!

    now to ideas
    .small accessories
    -stuff animals
    .colour choices
    .camera angle choice
    -drivers position
    -drivers mate seat
    -left mirror
    -right mirror
    -able to pull over if not near a services or station and turn the camera inside cab then click on bunk.
    -to be able to choose amount of hours to sleep

  23. knows a good idea would be if the scs software created a new way to make engine sounds like when you step on the brake (not engine braking) heard the noise of the brake and also spent the sound of the gear shifting every gear shift a different sound

  24. I'm from Brazil and I have a suggestion:
    you could do the double (bi here in Brazil) that raised truncated truck axle, online mode is so I hope they read this suggestion and this game promises I'm doing the updates for you guys good job

  25. Hello my name is Junior really enjoyed working with you in the interior of the trucks was very good ... I am Brazilian and I have a small suggestion could make trucks with 3eixo or truncated because it is a way to simulate reality over here because in Brazil are few trucks with 2 axles
    grateful for the understanding hugs


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