Saturday, October 23, 2010

Revisiting Extreme Trucker

It is finally time to start showing you more from the second project under development at SCS Software currently - 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2. This game is actually supposed to be finished much sooner that ETS2 - to be available on the market very early next year already.

Extreme Trucker 2 is a project commissioned by ValuSoft. While SCS is the developer, we do not decide on the features and we do not own the resulting product; it belongs to the game's publisher - the game is created on order and budget provided by ValuSoft. Those of you who know the previous game are surely aware that the aim of the games is a bit different than where we are headed with "serious" simulator series - it is simpler, there is no deep "tycoon-style" gameplay included, it's more arcade-like, quicker to get into and enjoy driving in very diverse conditions around the globe.

Extreme Trucker 2 builds on the previous game, but it's not just a small facelift. We are adding two new maps, but all the older maps have been extended too. There should be a glimpse in the new game of the all-new physics system that we are developing, also the AI has undergone major upgrades (and we'll keep on improving it further). We also did important work on the effects system, it will be most noticeable on the way the truck lights work at night.

A few pictures here on the blog, a larger gallery has been posted a short time ago on SCS Software's facebook page.


  1. A model of "Extreme Trucker 2" will be used to "Euro Truck Simulator 2" or vice versa?

  2. Jogo muito bom como todos da SCS só acho que deveria ter umas lombadas pra dar mais realismo. parabéns toda a equipe!!!

  3. I would not buy....
    Very bad game still...Arcade,taycoon,racing....
    Haulin I like game....Please Haulin 2.....

  4. extreme trucker is a fail game..
    they should create a 'new Haulin' with the actual tecnology

  5. So when will SCS go into the Multiplayer side of games? These single player things are getting old. Where is the challenges?

    I would love to go head to head in a race with a friend to see who gets the most loads with the least amount of fines (Ice Road Truckers, IRT)

    Or maybe have a convoy where you need at least 3 friends to haul a rock concerts equipment for Ozzy and get paid a huge bonus for rocking out with him at the after party for getting it there on time and in one piece or something.

    Not to say they are fun but after countless versions of the same game with different locations and loads but the same old unrealistic on and off-ramps of the real USA roads (mind you that should have been the first thing to upgrade to new versions).

    It just gets old...

  6. Now if they made a Haulin 2 with Multiplayer, realistic transitions of weather, better on and off ramps for highways like there real life counterparts... As well as if a car runs into you, YOU DO NOT GET FINED!

    I mean when Haulin and American Long Haul is the same game but with Mexico added as well as a few other stuff... Its still the same to me. Just that Haulin was more fun for some reason...

  7. Ye enough we eurotruck german trucking go back to hualin style with online play and all these better textures ect and game play. its what most if not all what people want and hopefully with mutli player to after all we pay and play the game.

  8. Please don't forgive multi trailers possibility, those are big fun!

  9. Please make new 18WOS like new ETS2! With big states to drive miles and miles! And make all european countries for ETS2!

  10. I think that y'all should make an Australian Truck Simulator, and focus solely on the road trains and Outback driving, that would make for one awesome game, being able to haul 5 and 6 trailers across unforgiving territory would make for a fun experience, but make it free roam like Haulin and ALH, so you can explore and haul whatever loads you want and build up a fleet of awesome trucks, like SuperLiners, Titans, and other heavy duty trucks from the land down under.

  11. I think if you made the character to get off the truch... and walk it will be a good ideea, a new feature....soneting new in the game... if you change the map and the trunck you change little things , for hard core players you need to bring new "staff" to the game.

    by the way:
    1. sorry about my english.
    2. game industri si like a lottery.

  12. I, personally, like the Extreme Trucker especially because it has small and more exciting roads, and it is more challenging than the previous games. Nonetheless, I think that the best thing would be a new, 'real' 18 WoS game where we could drive in whole North America, including the USA (Alaska as well), the northern parts of Mexico and Canada. A game like that would be cool with realistic freeways and freeway exits, and with lots of small, more interesting roads. There should also be more traffic signs and guide signs should be realistic, just like in Extreme Trucker. Cities should be realistic and bigger as well.

  13. could redo Haulin, American Long Haul or Pedal To The Metal ETS2 with technology would be very good and have bus in traffic, you being on the road with no bus is missing something, hugs.

  14. You should build 10 pin wheels for trucks and trailers and "DYNAMIC SHADOWS" for vehicles.


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