Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanks for your suggestions

We really appreciate your suggestions for improving our future games in the discussions under the blog posts.

Rest assured that we read and note all the interesting ideas that we can collect. Your continuous feedback is very important for us - to help guiding us, to give us courage that certain features, even if hard to develop, are worth pursuing. Hearing your voice gives us strength to keep on going.

Many of the things are on our internal lists already - some of them as specific plans for the short- or mid-term, some on our own wish-list for things to achieve in the long run.

Just please keep in mind that as truck sims are really a small genre - these games will never be multi-million sellers - our ambitions need to be in line with their sales potential. We can only afford a small team to work on these games. Where AAA games like Grand Theft Auto series or Gran Turismo series have teams of hundreds of designers, artists and programmers working on a game, our projects like Euro Truck Simulator have been built with core teams of 5-7 people, and it takes us years to earn back even such relatively modest investment.

We would sure love to be able to pull off all the cool things suggested to us, but we need to pick carefully, to plan only what we can handle by the time we run out of money earned from our previous games. If you want to help us build bigger and better games in the future, frankly the best way is to help us make more money - recommend the game to a friend, start a fan page to promote truck sims, record a cool movie and place it on YouTube, discuss our game on your blog or facebook page, and last but not least, help us in our struggle against piracy - don't promote or use warez copies of our games.

Some of the suggestions seem to cover features that we have already addressed or at least paid some attention to in the generation of German Truck Simulator and UK Truck Simulator (and their latest patches). If you have only played the original Euro Truck Simulator, be sure to try out the newer games. They are rather different when it comes to gameplay, it's not just different geography in the games compared to ETS. Here are direct links: UK Truck Simulator, German Truck Simulator (1-hour free trial, demos as of 1.32 version).

Finally, another behind the scenes peek - here is work in progress on a new driver model. Right now we are working on a guy, but based on input from our fan base, it seems that we should also create a female driver option for ETS2 as well.