Friday, October 8, 2010

Work in progress - New FH16 cabin

Here is another glimpse behind the curtain - or rather a peek at a new 3D model under development as it previews in Maya.

This asset still has not been textured obviously, so it's just displayed with basic shading. With the help of hi-res photos that we took in Hannover a few weeks ago, texturing it should not be such a big problem hopefully.

One of the comments from a previous post raised the question if we have all the brands licensed already. Sadly, we don't yet - it's a long process with uncertain result. We are trying to talk to the "big guys" of the truck industry now, keep your fingers crossed for us!

At the moment, the work on any truck models that we do is based on the assumption that we will eventually persuade the brands owners to be officially involved. However, we may end up the same way as before releasing Euro Truck or German Truck/UK Truck generation games, and have to hastily remove all the brands and all the real names shortly before release so that we don't risk being sued.

Well if this blog happens to be followed by anyone with access to employees or even decision makers in the transportation industry and you can help us connect, or if  you have any tips of whom to contact about brand licensing, we would certainly appreciate hearing your suggestions.