Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mapping the fan community

Thank you for all of your suggestions!

We have compiled a list of recommended links based on your feedback to the previous blog post and we want to share it with you now. We tried to assign the sites to a system, organized by prevalent language used, so that it's easier for our international community to find sites easier for everybody to understand.

Any pages providing illegal content were not included in the list of course. We also did not include certain sites that seemed inactive, or closed forums with a very small amount of members. If you think that we were unfair in not listing your site, or if forgot or missed some interesting sites, please let us know again - we will periodically update this "map" of fan communities.

-> English (forum) (website, forum) (forum) (forum) (website, forum) (forum) (website) (website) (website) (website) (website) (forum) (website) (website) (website)

-> German (forum) (forum) (blog) (blog, forum) (website, forum) (website) (website) (forum)

-> Dutch (blog) (forum)

-> Russian (forum) (forum)

-> Portuguese (website)

-> Italian (forum) (forum) (forum)

-> Romanian, forum) (forum)

-> French (forum) (forum) (forum) (forum)

-> Polish (website, forum) (blog) (forum) (forum) (forum)

-> Czech (website, forum) (website) (website) (website) (website) (forum, website)

-> Finnish (forum)

-> Hungarian (website) (forum) (GTS forum) (ETS forum) (ETS2 forum) (forum)

-> Indonesian (blog)

-> Greek (forum)

-> Bulgarian (forum)

-> Turkish (website) (website, forum) (forum) (forum)

-> Spanish (website, forum)