Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mapping the fan community

Thank you for all of your suggestions!

We have compiled a list of recommended links based on your feedback to the previous blog post and we want to share it with you now. We tried to assign the sites to a system, organized by prevalent language used, so that it's easier for our international community to find sites easier for everybody to understand.

Any pages providing illegal content were not included in the list of course. We also did not include certain sites that seemed inactive, or closed forums with a very small amount of members. If you think that we were unfair in not listing your site, or if forgot or missed some interesting sites, please let us know again - we will periodically update this "map" of fan communities.

-> English (forum) (website, forum) (forum) (forum) (website, forum) (forum) (website) (website) (website) (website) (website) (forum) (website) (website) (website)

-> German (forum) (forum) (blog) (blog, forum) (website, forum) (website) (website) (forum)

-> Dutch (blog) (forum)

-> Russian (forum) (forum)

-> Portuguese (website)

-> Italian (forum) (forum) (forum)

-> Romanian, forum) (forum)

-> French (forum) (forum) (forum) (forum)

-> Polish (website, forum) (blog) (forum) (forum) (forum)

-> Czech (website, forum) (website) (website) (website) (website) (forum, website)

-> Finnish (forum)

-> Hungarian (website) (forum) (GTS forum) (ETS forum) (ETS2 forum) (forum)

-> Indonesian (blog)

-> Greek (forum)

-> Bulgarian (forum)

-> Turkish (website) (website, forum) (forum) (forum)

-> Spanish (website, forum)


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  2. We are a German software development team (ft software), consisting of several amateur developers,and a german virtual freight forwarding team ( We want to develop for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 a freeware addon:

    virtual trade world

    This is a free, standalone game for Windows, in which immerses the player in a virtual world. You start with little money and are looking for an apartment, then a job with a company in this virtual gaming world. One deserves his money, from which you can buy their own land, and thus receives its own premises. The challenge now is to build a virtual company to hire drivers to get jobs. Since each virtual company needs in this game, certain goods must be transported by a transport company.
    These goods are then driven transports in the ETS2. The game then reads the memory status, and integrates this information into the virtual world.

    We want to ask a question, what about the possible modifications in the ETS2. Based on the the map editor ETS1 or the GTS? If ETS / GTS maps with ETS2 compatible?

    If not,would it be possible, as this project is very time consuming, ahead of schedule to begin creating a Map for this virtual trade world project?

    Yours sincerely,

    Florian Thurnwald
    FT Software

    Daniel P.


    Projects Website: (Coming Soon)

  3. ^This sounds interesting!

    btw Thank you for posting my site in your list! That means a lot!

  4. very good, but.. where is the channels of youtube?

  5. hello scs

    why fans do not you show the Indonesian community

    this our blog :

  6. You forgot to add a few I suggested ...

    My VTC :

    And the Greek Truckers forum ... ( English and greek)

  7. Zdrastivuyte, why did not specify the site of Ukraine he, too, on tematiiku Truck Simulator?

  8. Hungarian:

    Hungarian Truck Simulator Community.
    give please. thx

  9. On there is also a forum (

  10. And our forum from Bulgaria post your news

  11. Thanks for adding the Greek Truckers forum!
    I'm so proud and thankful :)

  12. Hello scs software, I have placed a link to my own forum. it's a international forum with more than 750 members from all over the world: it's in English BTW
    It is all about your truck-games.
    But I saw that my forum wasn't in the list. Could you please tell me why it wasn't in the list? Maybe I can better my forum if is needed.

  13. Hey SCS team have an error there is this site that is not from Portugal but from BRAZIL.

    Sites from PORTUGAL!!!!

  14. Turkish

  15. very good my forum is Calabria Trasporti


    Dobrý den SCS Software, děkujeme za přidání Světa ETS do Vašeho seznamu, ještě bych prosím poprosil o přidání Světa GTS, děkuji...


  17. we have a very good forum, there are a lot of people (4000 people) and we have addons for euro truck simulator (truck, map, skin,mods...)
    it is a french forum

  18. Oyun Mods


  19. Hi,
    I'm admin of SCS games fansite, so if you could, add my forum to this list too. :)

  20. this website with Spanish support

  21. -> Hungarian
    German Truck Simulator: (forum)
    Euro Truck Simulator: (forum)
    Euro Truck Simulator 2: (forum)

  22. Hungarian forum

  23. Hello SCS, i would like to add my site to your list, it's got many things, check it out ;)


  24. Hey, why do not you want to add a site, than he that bad? send me an e-mail that the site is not, and I will correct it. And stop deleting my comments!!

  25. Děkujeme Vám, SCS Software....:)

  26. I have a humble Forum [English Language] With a whole section dedicated to all your trucksimulator games, lots of mods, would be awesome if you can add it to your links:


  27. turkish (forum)
    for pttm ets gts ukts (forum)

  28. Hello,

    we are a German Community for German Truck Simulator. This is our Forum:

  29. Hello to all the team SCS. Sorry for my English

    I post a comment for you indicate an abuse concerning the election of the best forum. Indeed a site by-pass the system to vote infinity.

    They use a system of PROXY. So the IP changes ceaselessly and allows to vote infinity. The member MAZDAMER of the community ( uses this system!!!

    Here is different PROXY whom they use:

    Http: //

    I suspect so the community to practise the same system

    I hope that penalties will thus be taken to these communities which respects nothing or nobody

    It is shameful!!!

  30. Falco62 (admin)
    Notre Forum comprend tous Truck Simulator (ETS, GTS, UKTS, 18Haulin's, 18 Extreme, 18 ALH,) Mod, Aide, ("d'inombrable Downloads avec leurs crédits je tiens à le signaler"").

  31. turkish forum
    for pttm,ukts,gts,ets for bus, truck, lorry,automobile,van, minibus,mod, download,upload

  32. turkish forum
    for pttm,ukts,gts,ets for bus, truck, lorry,automobile,van, minibus,mod, download,upload

  33. New site:
    Mods for GTS/ETS/UKTS/ATS and other...
    mod download
    easy mod search
    everyone can share mods

    Finnish Fan Community (FINLAND)
    Mods for 18WoS:ET, ETS, GTS, UKTS, 18WoS:Haulin, and Finnish help for game. :)


  36. We are working hard on a new site that deals with your games (Euro Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2, Truck Simulator German, UK Truck Simulator 18 WoS: ET, 18 WoS: ET 2, 18 WoS: ALH). Tons of information, hundreds of downloads and an integrated forum for thousands of people with all sorts of issues surrounding these games, which will be happy to assist you. We want to create a large community of people from the Czech Republic about your truck games!


  37. Turkish!! Blog :)

  38. Hi everyone, hey there's a new forum 18 Wos in Spanish is:, please visit :)

    Merry Christmas!!!


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