Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A few more 18 WoS Extreme Trucker 2 images

No time to type long text today! Just a quick post with a bunch of images...


  1. Wow! That are some amazing screenshots! :) I really like them, especially the upper left one and the right one in the middle! :)

    The scenery is absolutely stunning! And the trucks too!

  2. Please haulin gameplay still

  3. I want to see more of Euro Truck Simulator 2 than Extreme Trucker!!

  4. Heyhey wait a minute. Great pictures. But its something i dont like here. 1st look at the last pictures. is there that wide roads with yellow stripe in the middle in real life. its small roads. Make it challenging. And i hope its not that you have to take missions and then have to switch truck all the time. Its much better you have one truck that you own. Or else great game. but think realism here scs. i think most people will like it chanllanging. PLEASE READ THIS SCS SOFTWARE! GIVE IT A CHANCE!!!!

  5. 2nd picture looks like its getting ready to unload so. so they finaly added the parts where you can see them unload the trailer?

  6. Looks very nice, but I'd be much happier if you made a new, American 18 Wheels of Steel game with this next-gen SCS graphics and realistic road system.

  7. Nice... Great job.

    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    Paraná - Brasil

  8. this game looks same as ET1!
    im sorry but it is!

    i don't understand what are you all about
    "looks good" "great job" "nice"...

    all i can see so far is that terrain looks nice.

    trucks looks low poly.. take a look at those picture better

    i like new cargos but so fat thats it.

    actually graphics for me is in last place!

    the only things that matters is Gameplay and truck Psychics/Handling

    if this is a Extreme Trucker 2 make players to be afraid to crash in other car or something like that..

    because so far in your games you can drive at 150km/h with loaded trailer, crash in a wall...call sos to fix your truck and drive away...

    why can't you do that if you crash in something at high speed you going to die and its game over for you (like in RnR)
    like in some other racing games... so people who are playing have to try there best not to crash there truck (rollover) and make a delivery.

    well you know what i mean. make it Extreme!
    (to code a message that appears on screen when you crash/rollover your truck at high speed is not that hard for you. you did that in ET1)

    btw that thing in ET1 with ice braking was good! but after 10mins of playing i know exactly where ice is going to crack and thats a bad thing!

    make something like if you are flying at high speed theres a bigger chance that ice will break and its game over for you...(start a new game or a last save game)

    SCS critic since - 2000

  9. 'SCS critic since - 2000 '


    But I agree ... Concentrate more on gameplay, and physics.

  10. True C, true.
    SCS, please more of the ETS2 and less of ET2 PLEASE!!!

  11. Yes, i agree with CDMC, this game looks same as ET1! Nothing difference! :(

    Both games will have the same graphics engine??!

    Because then I would be very sad!
    There will be no dynamic shading? I hope the ETS2 will be better because it is a disappointment for the game based on pictures!

  12. Vou Comprar ele assim que ser lançado
    ja gosto da primeira versao agora com a segunda
    ainda com muitos bugs mais ta valendo
    sou do Brasil e sempre visito e posto novidades sobre os jogos em meu blog


  13. CDMC you are right about all that stuff!

    Whats important is gameplay and handling!

    btw your ALH fixes and other mods/fixes are awesome! you're like a SCS game fixer..lol!

    Keep it up man!

    Greetings from Canada!

    PS. Thank you SCS for posting all those forums/websites!! thats how i found your fixes page!

  14. please post more ETS2 screens

  15. the creator of vtc-tea.com is on the making of this really cool map "mexico-usa-canada map v5.0 extreme" for the haulin version of 18 wheels of steel, and it look's extreme!

  16. Muito show este game,o um dos melhores da serie 18 wos

  17. When the 18 Wheels will be Released?

  18. Great SCS, I think that the ET2 will be and maintain another way of trucks games. Different of the others, ET series bring to us another way to play!!
    Keep Going!!
    One Request only: Make the possibility to change the speed to Km/h too, no only mph...

  19. you could republish the Pedal to the Metal or American Long Haul technology of Euro Truck Simulator 2

  20. what brands will be in the game with the real names

  21. More pics from ETS2....pls.

  22. Lookin' good!

    Going a bit off-topic, but it seems I cannot get in touch with the devs otherwise...

    So, I sent an e-mail to your "general information" e-mail address a couple of days ago (info at scssoft dot com) but haven't received any response yet. Is that e-mail address valid at all? If you received my message, could you please help me out by sharing some info I asked in it?

    JB ;-)

  23. ET#1 winter missions were _so kewl_.. Will ET#2 contain any winter missions either?:)


  24. As far as I know, ET2 will contain all three original maps of ET1...

    @SCS: So devs, have you received my e-mail?

  25. Hey SCS Soft!

    I hope this light/shadow effect will be in ETS2!

    Example video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxyftJ4H0YM&feature=player_embedded

    Or better! ;-)

  26. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_C51vfyInEIw/TOvCYtCW5AI/AAAAAAAAAEQ/_5XUHrGUCGw/s1600/et2_02.jpg

    please not this truck again!!!!

  27. Given the technological gains made in just the last two years I can't see why scs couldn't make a logging truck game whereby the weather would play a big part road behaver (mud etc.) and the road dictating the behaver of the truck. Also in dry conditions there should be dust and lots of it even on the trucks. There should be a recovery system whereby another truck or bulldozer drags you back up the mountain and onto the road if for some reason in extrem dry and dust or mud the truck left the road. There should be heavy machinery loading the trailer and the terrain should be mountainous, and I mean klm's of switch backs as in the real world experience. after all these games are supposed to be "simulators" are they not. If I thought the sim was good knowing some of the above so in the game, I would part with good money for such a sim. So how about it scs!?!

  28. American logger is bette than he logging truck so I like to see america logger truck.
    sorryy may english ie very bed!

  29. Great job guys. The water effect is magnificent, trucks and roads amazing realism. just one thing, those clouds!! they do not match the contour of the earth and going toward the orizonte They look flat infront of you.
    But apart from that is all excelent work, keep improving and I will keep buying it

  30. they are amazings screenshots,this game is the best of the categorie

  31. Why are trucks so slow? The fastest truck is going only 50 MPH...

    And I'm a bit dissapointed that I can't switch to KM/H.


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