Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Final touches on Trucks & Trailers

We have to apologize for the lack of updates in the past days, we have been extremely busy. We have to finalize the game for retail release by the end of this week.

Many people are asking about T&T release date. This question doesn't have a simple answer; there is not a single world-wide release date as might be the case with big AAA games published by global publishers. We have country-by-country partnerships in place, and each of those local distributors will work according to their own schedule. We already have several territorial distribution deals signed, and are still trying to work on more.

So far we are pretty optimistic that the game will launch in the middle of June in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hungary, France and United Kingdom. Chances are some other local editions will hit the same release window too - Russia, Scandinavia. If you do not see your country mentioned above, we are sorry, but either something is blocking the business, or in many cases we cannot even find a company interested in publishing our games in the territory. This is surprisingly a problem even in countries where we know we have a huge number of fans, like Turkey or Romania. But we are not giving up and are still trying hard to negotiate additional distribution deals.

As for the digitally distributed edition of the game which will give players access to the community translations, we will release it about the same time. We cannot release it much sooner, retail stores do not like to see digital distribution damaging their business too much, and they would see this earlier release date as unfair competition. We still rely a lot on brick-and-mortar store sales, this is where most copies are sold, so we need to treat retail distribution with full respect.

The Trucks & Trailers team is so busy now that we'll wrap this blog posts with images from the other project; ETS2. It's not too hard to guess where they are from...