Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trucks & Trailers localization update

We are still polishing the game, and still adding or changing a few words here or a few words there in the original English text, so the translations are under constant changes, too.

We feel very good now about the quality of translation in many languages, but you can still help to make things even better. Thank you!


  1. Merci beaucoup !

    Je suis content de voir que le projet avance comme il était prévu !

    A bientôt.
    Hello from France

  2. Beautiful screenshots of T&T ! Well done!

  3. Will there be 6x4/2 trucks in Trucks & Trailers?
    There were no screens with them

  4. No 6x4/2, this will have to wait for ETS2, we are not yet quite finished with the new truck models.

    The game will offer both continental and UK cabin versions, if this was a concern for the customers in the UK.

  5. please dont let all the trailers to get into the ramp only the box'es can get into the ramp all the rest should unload outside the ramp and we really want to see how the forlifts unload the cargo! please please please! make this game realistic!!!!!!!! realistic!!!

  6. What about this Scania, I see real logos on it? Is it licensed or you will remove the logo for T & T?

  7. "... but you can still help to make things even better. Thank you!"

    You're welcome.

  8. The first parking looks tricky :D I love it ! :)

  9. Oh, thanks for answer!
    If possible, answer this:
    Will we be able to make our own missions? Will there be some sort of mission editor?

    Thank you!

  10. Se7en, I just wanted to ask the very same question. Did you manage to license at least some brands, devs? :)

    As for the pictures: Beautiful images, all of them crowded and full of life. I really do hope that the cities of ETS2 will be just as detailed as the locations in T&T.

  11. Well that looks good SCS.
    Fine that the project is finished.


  12. At the end of long and tedious negotiations, so far the only brand we have for T&T is Scania. We'll keep on trying for more brands for ETS2. Some of the talks are in pretty advanced stage, however the amount of bureaucracy just makes it an extremely long process usually.

  13. So Scania will be licensed in ETS2 too? O.o !!
    Cool. Just try for Mercedes and Renault and it will be cool! :-)

  14. I can live with even a nice MOD.

  15. Thank you for your answer SCS. Now, we are more informed on the status of licenses.

    For fun, I found this photo on Wikipedia is wonderful!

    I hope in ETS2, we can drive wide loads and there will be roadworks. For a change: p

    Thank !

  16. The Swedish translation is not the best, and sometime it's straight out of google translate, like this line:

    ach_24h_desc : "Du har tillbringat 24 timmar av din tid att spela!"
    Nothing a normal person would say, but more likely:
    "Du har tillbringat 24 timmar av din tid till att spela!"
    "Du har tillbringat 24 timmar av din tid till spelet!"

    Google translate is not always your friend.

  17. You have implemented T&T with the H-shift.
    You have made me very happy, thank you!

  18. Agree with Eric:

    Google tranlator helps mostly to help you understand the words but you have to contextualize the phrase in its context.

    With copy and paste that you get a bad result. true sanjin ?!

  19. FORGET Trucks and Trailers,Work on ETS2,and PEDESTRIANS IN ETS2

  20. le conteneur et mal reproduit
    trop petit pas assez long
    il ne devrait pas y avoir de portes devant.

  21. In diesem Spiel wären Hängerzüge interessant, nicht nur Sattelzüge !

  22. Will ETS2 have different borders along the whole map ?

    I mean realistic ones, so every border has its own model etc like we saw with the german border there...

  23. Yay for Scania and SCS!

    Must say, looks positively splendid with people on the loading docks, much more alive, somehow.

    Looks good, this. (c:

  24. @eric: That is my line and I say it that way, born and raised here (in Sweden), but feel free to enter another translation instead, that is what it is there for, rather than mentioning it here and doing nothing. (c:

  25. SCS wrote:
    The game will offer both continental and UK cabin versions, if this was a concern for the customers in the UK.

    Wow wasn't expecting that, thanks :D

  26. thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks scs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello from morocco

  27. So Euro Truck Simulator will be the same ?

    Driving just from company to company ?

    It will more realistic if we will have other destinations or living points, like this :
    Companyes, Ports, Gas stations, Train stations, Chimic manufacures, Sand quarryes, Normal houses, Roadworks...

  28. It's great to see that you finally obtain a license for a new truck - Scania.

  29. é dexter, I have never seen a large truck delivering to a normal house...

    Always to companies and like in ets 1 there will be port factories, stone quarries (GTS) and petrol or chemical factories as well...

    I just hope they fix the sounds and torque and behaviour of trucks, thats really a pain in the ass atm and they dont say or show anything about physics or sounds which somehow firghtens me...

  30. @ TruckerGal
    Sorry if i stepped on your toe, i'm sure that you're giving your very best for the project.
    I don't say the line that way, but apparently you do, so i leave it with that...

    ...And my grammar sucks, (so maybe you're right?) but i have no problem understanding English, like most people in this country.
    So i just think it's a waste of time to begin with when 80-90 % of the Swedish population are fluent with the English language.
    And i don't think so many 60+ are going to buy this game, the ones that's not so used with the English language.

    But, good luck... and i will shut up on this subject from now on.

  31. Scandinavia is definitely fluent in English in general, however we got quite a few e-mails from retired former truckers enjoying our recent games translated into Swedish or Danish. Also it may be quite more comfortable for a 9 year old not to have to struggle with a foreign language. So we are sure that it's worth it, every little things helps.

  32. You deliver the goods to the house not the trailer... the you take the trailer to be loaded for another delivery :)

  33. Belive me or not i know someone who delivered goods with a large truck to a normal house. About the rest of the locations that i wrote upper they are available to put in the game :)
    Sorry for monstruosly bad english

  34. Lovely screenshots. Keep up the excellent work SCS Software team.

  35. My favorite brand is licensed to T&T! Way to go, SCS, nice work! :)

    What about with MAN? As far as I know, rondomedia is your publisher in Germany. They could get the MAN license for GTS, do you have to renew that license again?

  36. SCS Software: PLEASE, in case not all of the brands will be available for licencing, allow the users to change the logos EASILY if they wish, I mean replacing the fantasy logos and names with a real one privately if they wish, both in the exterior and in the interior (such as seen on the steering wheel). I mean, providing a separate "paint kit" file where the user can put a desired logo (for example, the real one) and copy and overwrite the existing "fantasy" one.

  37. @eric: Maybe it is dialect, I don't know. No toe-stepping, just saying anyone can join in and suggest translations. (c:

    Sorry if I came across offended or such, not the case - but that's internet for you.

    Sometimes I come back the next day and realise there is a better way to put something, or someone else wrote something better, so it is all fluid.

    Personally I always play games in English, feels more natural. Swedish can be a bit, hmm, goofy almost, in some ways - in my opinion, heh.

    I am sure the translation will help someone though, even if kids here do pick up English quickly these days. Still, cannot hurt to have to option, right? (c:

  38. Marinheiro Poupuay (Brasil)

    SCS...está faltando bi-trem (double) neste jogo...isso aê está muito fácil...(bom trabalho!)

  39. Hi, I am writing from italy! Congratulations, you are getting a really fantastic job!
    The workers in the firm are very realistic ... It almost seems like be real!
    The map as it is evolving?
    Thanks, bye and greetings from italy :D

  40. Amazing screenshots. Keep up the excellent work SCS Software team.

  41. What about the MAN licence, it's not extended for T&T too?
    Why do these people think that alowing their brand to be dispayed in a game is a bad thing?
    I haven't met a single person to develop a bad impression about a brand (of any kind) based on their game experience. On the contrary, everyone was even more amazed with the product, having the posibility to handle or manipulate it in a safe environment. I think it should be a matter of pride to have one's work presented to the public. In this case the beautiful design of the bodywork, the high tech interiors etc.

  42. I agree with Ohaha. Even more, I am absolutely terrified by this stuipd "copyright" bullshit. It's a typical western crap, maybe one day we will need to ask permission even to take a breath because the air we inhale is coming from the neighbour's garden. Fuck copyright, let us live our lives the way we want!

  43. I don't think that intellectual property is a "western crap", but otherwise, I must agree. Everytime I saw real brand in game (no mattter if it was car or other thing), I was glad, because using of it gave me more feeling of reality - and in fact, it works as pretty good commercial. Manufacturers are ridiculous, if they think that someone connects their brands with drugs and violence in GTA style games, but more then ridiculous if they don't want their brands in strictly peaceful game.

  44. Dear SCS Software.

    Greetings my name is Hastantyo, and I live in Indonesia. I'm the one who translated the Indonesian Language for Trailer&Trucks project. I've finished it, about 2000 words.

    But, I have problem about making the quality of my translation. I know how to do it, just voting the words right? But I don't know any Indonesian people who participated on this Blog. To vote my translation, I need some Indonesian people who understand my translation from the words that you've made. Because the "understanding" of my language (Indonesia) with English, is quietly different.

    Actually, I can vote it by myself. But, that's only me who understand the meaning in Indonesian language. I need the "report" from them (Indonesian people) that if there's any of my translation isn't correct. It's not funny if this game released with "bad" Indonesian translation.

    If you please, can I have your e-mail address? We'll discus about this on there more personally.

    Regards, Hastantyo


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