Saturday, May 7, 2011

State of translations - what a difference a week makes

Last week at this moment, some 200 people were hard at work translating Trucks & Trailers. Today, only a few of the most loyal are still trying to polish the translations. Several languages are still unfinished, or almost but not quite complete, and we are still hoping for the final push. Please stay with us, as we are closer to the finish line, now is the time to help to tidy the translations up. We appreciate your support and help very much.

It has been indeed a very interesting experiment, and I hope many of you are enjoying it. We have witnessed (even if not always completely understood) very active discussions in some language groups, like for example in German or Russian, and it seems that those guys really are trying very hard to make their translations superb quality. We have witnessed (and not understood at all) some controversy (like fighting groups in split Turkish translations), but we hope that in the end the results will be worth it.

We may still need to pass the results through professional proofreaders, the quality and especially the consistency may not be 100%, but our overall impression is very positive. Consider that the community is giving itself a major gift. Even if the translations end up not being perfect, when did you last play a game on day of release localized into Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian or Norwegian Bokmål as well as Nynorsk? T&T may be quite unique in this regard. And yes, you may be helping us in the selfish capitalist goal of making as much money as possible though sales to people who wouldn't understand the game otherwise. But the way we work, with everything being reinvested straight into future vehicle simulators, you are actually investing your sweat equity into helping us make our future games better, complete them sooner, and make them understandable to more people. THANK YOU!