Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bratislava castle

A nice day and night comparison showing the castle in Bratislava, Slovakia in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

A short explanation to people always asking the same questions again, and again, and again...

1. We don't know the ETS2 release date yet. We would like to release the game as soon as possible, as every extra month of development represents a lot of money invested into the game, and frankly we are quite tight on money now. We have already exceeded to budget we had originally planned for the game, and with the costs ballooning, it's a big question if the game can ever make us back the development costs. We are now running on emergency reserve funds, hoping that profits from the little game of Trucks & Trailers is going to buy us a bit of time to complete ETS2. On the other hand, we'd like to ship the game as feature complete as possible, our long-term prospects depend on creating quality games. With such conflicting goals, in the end we may have to do some compromises both ways, but we are still pushing ahead.

2. We don't yet have anything to show about new weather effects, pedestrians, new road signs, etc. If we don't show something or don't talk about it, it is not because we are mean and want to keep it from you, but because the feature wasn't implemented yet. The game is far from complete, you need to understand that. Spamming or trolling the comments on this blog really doesn't make any difference.

Thanks for your understanding.