Friday, June 10, 2011

Bus Driver ported to Mac OS X

This may not be so exciting news for many of you anticipating Trucks & Trailers and especially Euro Truck Simulator 2, but today we have reached an important milestone in SCS Software's history.

Our game Bus Driver has just become available on Mac App Store!

Many of our core fans have never forgiven us for not creating a true bus simulator in Bus Driver, just "a" game about buses, but good old Bus Driver achieved its design goals perfectly, it was well-received by the younger-age target group, and has been selling reasonably well given its conservative ambitions.

The technology milestone reached today means that from now on we should be able to release our future games for Mac OS X as well as Windows PC (and perhaps re-release a few older games as well). Hopefully being able to reach more customers on the new platform, and increasing sales this way,  means that we'll be able to justify investing even more effort into our future projects.