Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Good start in digital distribution for T&T

We were not sure what to expect from the start of Trucks & Trailers on the market; T&T is a small game with narrow focus, and we are well aware that the gameplay concept is alien to a significant part of the truck sim games fan base.

Well, the early reports are quite optimistic! The game has scored very high placements in top sales charts on several digital distribution portals, like GamesLoad in Germany (where the game's title was altered to LKW-Rangier-Simulator) or on Orange portal in France (where the French distributor Anuman gave it an even more generic title - Truck Driving Simulator).

We can only hope that not only general public, but also the hardcore truck sim fans will understand the purpose of the game and its place and purpose in the ecosystem of truck simulators, and that sales from our own own websites at and will keep growing beyond the few hundred sales accumulated so far over the launch week.