Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trucks & Trailers demo out!

Get the Trucks & Trailers demo from the official website at

We hope that many people among truck game fans will find the game fun and enjoyable. T&T is not trying to be a complete simulation of all things in trucking, quite the opposite, it concentrates just on one particular skill - being able to navigate the truck through tight spaces, especially on reverse gear. Think about it as a sort of game of solitaire for people into trucks - quick to get engaged and overcome a few challenges in the game and then move on again.

This is not a game that could teach you how to drive a real truck. None of games could really make such a bold claim. However, we believe that Trucks & Trailers may become a very useful training tool for helping wannabe truckers connect those reverse-a-truck-skill neural paths in the brain. For this purpose, for bringing together the worlds of gamers and real truck drivers, the game may be even more suitable than the "big" simulators requiring long hours of play time to get anywhere.

Today we are launching the demo protected by the same technology that we have used for  years. Unfortunately we don't have the alternate payment methods like PayPal ready yet. We tried hard to prepare them for the digital distribution launch, but even after burning a few weeks on this, the system is still not fully implemented. An updated version of the demo will be available later.