Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A7 Afsluitdijk dam in the Netherlands

You may still remember an older blog post where we were showing early work on the ETS2 area portrayed in the following movie. We have revisited the area now in the current build of the game with the intent of creating another short living screenshot movie, but in the end we have recorded quite a bit longer stretch of road. Hopefully you won't mind ;-).

Disclaimers will be needed again - yes we know that the mirrors reflection angle needs some work, and we'll do something about it about the time the game ships for sure. Also, while we are presenting one of the coolest trucks in the world here, licensing talks about presence of particular truck brands in the game are still under way, and we cannot guarantee that anything that you see in our movies or screenshots from work-in-progress state of the game will be allowed to appear in the final game.