Friday, September 9, 2011

One year anniversary

This blog was born a year ago! We would like to thank you for your patience, loyalty, and for the many intelligent comments providing important feedback to us.

Perhaps it's time to answer one frequently asked question, it may help a bit cutting down the amount of spam in blog comments.

We are still not sure when the game will come out. Definitely not in 2011 though.

Why? We are committed to quality, not to particular release date.

We understand that many of you will not be happy about the game taking so long to be developed. Our publishing partners are not taking this easy as well. We are not happy about our own performance either - to put it mildly. Taking so long comes with big costs, literally. The amount of time (and as a result, money) we have already sunk into development is putting us into very dangerous position - we may not ever be able to get the development costs back from the sales. Truck sim genre is really a small niche of the games market, the PC games and "big" games in general are in decline overall with the mobile/tablet gaming revolution, too. We are afraid that no matter how good a game we may be able to develop, the sales will still be worse than ETS1 sales. We will be at the mercy of truck games fans to realize this and judge the result of our hard work - they will vote with their wallet to decide whether we survive past ETS2 release.

So you can imagine that we really try as hard as possible to get the game finished, we don't want it to be our swan song. The game has already been delayed several times; we planned to have it done faster, but our ambitions were probably a bit higher than they should had been when we started - all the massive upgrades planned for game visuals, for physics, for richer world, for the AI, for deeper gameplay... it turns out that with the quality bar we had set for ourselves, it's more work than we anticipated. We keep sinking every single cent that we have earned from our older games during the last 2 years into the game's development. We really appreciate that even though our back-catalogue games are getting older, there are still some people out there who are buying them. This is basically our life line now.

Will all the hard work and the long wait be worth it? We still strongly believe so. Euro Trucks Simulator 2 will not be the next best thing since sliced bread, after all it's just a small game (with our team's size about 5% or less compared to AAA driving games like Gran Turismo, Forza or Need for Speed, we cannot do miracles), but it will be by far the best truck sim game we have ever created.


  1. Vous avez mes encouragement!!!

  2. thank you scs. we look forward to it. patiently :) .from turkey. good work.

  3. Nice!
    But it's good that it takes long time, the game will only be better and better then. And SCS! Can you fix the parking brake on the scania? When you drive, it's gonna be up, but in the game it's down in the game, and irl when it's down, you can't drive then, sorry for my english. / Oliver Liljedahl

  4. Thank you scs team Sorry my english
    Better game ETS 2

    Good luck scs team..

  5. Vašim problémem jsou hlavně Vaše priority. Na oko se motáte u radoby simulatoru a přitom si berete jako příklad Grand Turismo, NFS, Forzu apod. To nejsou žádný simulatory ve kterých by ste se měli vzhlížet! Vám má být jako příklad, když už to musí být s této závodní oblasti "kterou si berete jako příklad" tak iRacing, LfS (Live for speed), rFactor a podobně. Toto sou simy. A jelikož to dělají pořádně a kvalitně, tak to svou klientelu má. Malou ale silnou neboť tam už převážně sou hráči uvědomělí (dospělí) a Ti umí věci ohodnotit. Zato vy nejste ani na jednu stranu. Děti. To je pomíjivá perspektiva. Ti dou tam co je zrovna in, chtějí ochutnat všechno a k tomu za rok s toho třeba vyrostou a zjistí, že toto vlastně vůbec není pro ně a jelikož těch lákadel co okustit sou mraky, tak stahují....Druhou stranu těch už uvědomělejších, zas serete neboť ti od simulatoru čekají simulator, tak to nekupují taky. Váš problém je prostě tento. Buď to HC sim, pak budete mít sice míň kupců ALE VĚRNYCH kupců nebo druhým směrem, ale to se na mě nezlobte, ale na to zas nemáte graficky a pod. co děti žádají....Zkrátka ste nemastní neslaní ani na jednu stranu a ni na druhou tedy v bodě nula....


  6. If u want money, you could do some live stream of something , and we can pay for looking :D would be awesome.. or just ask for donation ? i dont know what to do.. but ye.. love u<3

  7. Thank you SCS Soft
    Cheers for the first year!
    Dutch Portal

  8. A good game is definitely worth the wait. Do not be discouraged SCS!

  9. If you need money, just make a donation page, or something, or addons, updates (payware addons) for your best seller games (like Haulin).
    I am sure many of us (including me) will donate and/or buy! ;-)

    Happy 1st anniversary of your blog!

  10. Hi SCS!

    Truck simulation games are a small genre, and probably not as profitable as some other genres, so we, the simulation game fans, are very thankful for you that you are working on this game!

    Take your time and try to make the game as finished and realistic as possible before release. I think fans will be patient enough, because for a good game it is worth to wait a bit longer.

    I think in the past years SCS Software and your games have become more known in the sim gaming community, so your ETS2 sales might be better than what you expect. If you get ETS2 to be sold in Steam it might have a big effect on sales too.


  11. Just take the time to properly develop the game. Recently, yet another highly anticipated game disappointed (TDU2) because of rushing, no proper betafeedback applied, etc etc.

    Just take the time.

  12. Happy birthday. No pictures or images ???

  13. Happy "Birthday" for the blog, and thank you for shedding light on the question of release date!

    I myself can help you out in two ways. I enjoyed the demo of ET2 and GTS, though I haven't bought them yet (I just didn't have the time to play trucking games nowaday, save for T&T) - I will definitely do soon to show off my support.

    Secondly, the e-mail I recently sent to you still applies. If you are ready and willing to spill the beans on gameplay-related information, just let me know, and I would be more than happy to share them with the Hungarian community in the form of a short article on the latest developments.

    Good luck, and fingers crossed that ETS2 will be a success - both in quality, and financially!



  15. The quality of the game isn't depending from size on the hard drive or little bit better graphics effect. The most important is how good the game is. Big companies like EA or others are making games just for bigger amount people just for profit. This is why their games are not the same as yours (SCS). However when i am playing game like need fro speed or other is not the same as ETS or UK truck simulator. After all you can get bored by playing ea games after time. I thing that you also should just try (if it is possible) to make ETS2 work also on playstation or xbox just to make more money for ETS3 ;).

  16. @Osmo: as far as I remember some (?) 18WoS titles have been featured on Steam in a ValuSoft bundle package some months ago. Now, if I remember correctly, the devs told us back then that they couldn't come with an agreement to Valve to release ETS and GTS on Steam. It's really unfortunate, because a Steam-release nowadays really helps small titles to get into the limelight.

  17. Sorry for flooding the entry.

    So, another note on financial matters... The devs can definitely count on T&T's crack team of Hungarian translators in working on the ETS2 strings, if it helps cutting costs in ANY way! ;)

  18. Well, all this time taken at least one game will be high quality. And Series 18 Wheels of Steel, are wonderful games, and did a good buy rating. Now that he spent a few years, games are more revolutionary, more fun to play, not get sick so fast, and graphics, much better. So this means it can take as long as it is, but will have many fans here, not in the blog, which will buy, you can be sure! And Happy Birthday


  19. and sorry for my English in the message above.

  20. What about releases for Mac OS X! Big fan of your games on PC! When can we expect more games to join Bus Driver on the Mac App Store????

  21. Go on SCS. You never walk alone!

    Regards from your TrucksimCom Mods&More

  22. Yeah, its hard for us to know that finally our precious game will not be at our hands this year, but ey, you have all the reasons to do so, and as you say, the quality is what matters.

    And one little things, yes, YOU are the ones who do miracles, by doing so amazing game with the facilities YOU have (none), and not the big multinationals that can afford lots and lots of best about designers, programmers,... That doesnt seem to be so miracle in comparison with your work. Go on guys, and we are so sorry for being so few fans XD.

    Congrats from Basque Country, hope someday to see Bilbao between those fantastic roads.

  23. I'm sad about the realease date...but I think it will be a great game

  24. Just take your time SCS, we will wait

  25. We wait ETS2!!! Perseverance for you!!!

  26. Thanks for reply the answer.

    Don't worry, the game is beautiful and if You will be spend more time to make the most beautiful Truck sim, OK.

    If need help for language or any other 'basic' thing, I'm here.

    From Spain.

  27. Good tipp to you :

    The longer you wait, the more cheaply will be the game in the end ! Which you buy today, is tomorrow old !

    Quality about grafik goes realy fast on!

    Think on it , need for speed for 2 years and now?! Differents in grafik about 300%!



  28. Very much respect for developing such a game taking several risks for ur company. Remember that there always be people like 'Dexter' who are never happy. Keep up the good work, and thanks for this information, not everybody will read this update, and if so, they aren't interested, but it's good to tell how the situation is rite now. Good luck! and congratulations!

  29. Real truck sim fans will have the patience to wait. Continue with your great work SCS and I look forward to the release next year :)

  30. Why dont u just charge more for the game, when good qualitly games come out like call of duty for xbox they charge near enough £50 for it because of the quality, so if u have spent all this time developing it then i am sure the ones of us who really want a good quality game will pay extra for it i dont mind because it sounds amazing. its just a though but u will make back a bit more as we will pay for the quality. ur doing a great job and maybe you should think about it as i a sure us simulator fans wont mind as long as we get our game.

  31. Don't worry about date release, simply keep up the good job.
    Congrats from Spain.

  32. Keep up the good work guys. Just one question : How extended will the map be ?

  33. I'll kill everybody who downloads this game!

  34. you should increase the selling price to generate more turnover.


    keep up the good work


  35. Happ birthday SCS Soft.
    Do what you think is the best to do,
    get it done and the finish product will be
    greetings from Croatia

  36. Happy birthday!

    Can we please have list of all Countries that are in ets 2? Is tehere baltic too ?


  37. Scs software.Follow my Idea to help you regain the Development Costs of Euro Truck Simulator 2.Here are some Simple steps
    Step 1:Create The Official Euro Truck Simulator 2 Website.
    Step 2:Create an option on the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Website for Uploading Mods(Do this for 18 Wheels Of Steel Extreme Trucker,UK Truck Simulator,German Truck Simulator,18 Wheels Of Steel Extreme Trucker 2)as well as ETS2.
    Step 3:Charge People a Small fee of 25p to Download these mods

  38. An idea would be to open the game up to pre-orders and allow people who pre-order to take part in regular beta builds of the game. This gives you a starting revenue for continued development of the game and gives fans of the game a chance to give you some great feedback.

    Sent you guys an email so we can try and do an interview on The Reticule, hope you are able to answer them :)

  39. I think pre orders/donations are great idea's i'm sure everyone would pre order here.

  40. Dexter, you moaning tw@. Give them a break, they just gave you a nice bit of history etc.

  41. im gonna buy ETS2.
    thx SCS

    PTTM...the best you did guys.

    England ££££££££££££££££££££

  42. I think it really will be the best truck simulator we have ever played.
    If you need money maybe you could try something like a prepayed version (people pay now and get it when the game is released). Payware Addons would also be a good option (f.e. special repaints, new trailers, countries/maps etc.) I would pay a few euros for that.
    Hopefully you will earn enough money the next months and after release so that we can play your games for many years!
    Greetings from Austria

  43. SCS, Happy birthday!

    Make one year we have the opportunity to see their work up close, learn how the game is done, the improvements made, all the sweat poured in hours of work. Never discourage the work you do. It is simply fantastic, and only has to improve. Who knows, we'll soon have the ETS 3 and the American Truck Simulator in the shelves, is not it?

    Keep up the good work, take this comments, but just enjoy what you can, and forget the offenses and annoyances.

    Go ahead!


    Rafael Brusque Toporowicz
    São Mateus do Sul - Paraná - Brasil

  44. Thank you for the info everyone has been itching to know. I do wish by 2011 the game is finished, but oh well, if you need more time, take it. I would donate if I had the money to. It concerns me that you guys have little money left, and I pray that your company makes it past the release, because I would hate to see a company that I've been playing games from for years go bankrupt and die out. Best Wishes SCS.

  45. It's too bad you can't advertise your latest games in the United States... I happen to be an American who owns a copy of German Truck Sim and UK Truck Sim, imports from the UK, and I would like for some developer here to list GTS and UKTS for sale, that way people actually know about them.

  46. If they can't advertise the game in USA maybe we should when it comes out...after all it's just a game it's no offense to the USA...
    I am looking forward to support you by buying the game when it's released!

  47. One thing's for sure the best producer of trucks games surely it scs software

    good luck greetings from Brazil

  48. Happy Birthday and Thank You SCS Software team. Keep up the outstanding work.

  49. You have support from the Croatian ... and do not hurry .... the graphics are fantastic.
    physics is quite important in the game .. and put a lot of different cargo, etc. ...
    Happy Anniversary SCS and receive support from the fan club Croatia....

  50. Well, first of all:
    Happy Birthday and 100 of those days.

    I think I speak for many of your supporters when I say that it is fortunate for us that you exist, you probably can not really massively images.

    There are only SCS in the world.

    That you are committed to the point of risking everything you have built over many years of hard work.
    With my heart I really want to find a solution to the complicated situation where you are but I realize that a niche game truck sim is not the best investment possible.
    During these years you've gained a lot of experience. I am no one to give advice is clear and I know that you have your plan already but if I were you I would start to produce even more marketable products.
    Whatever you can go to your support.

    It should also be aware of the many people that is very important to BUY the games because there are people behind with immense passion and produce little masterpieces that deserve to be rewarded.

    KEEP FAST ! (as far as you can)

  51. Representing the fans and players of games in the municipality of scs good water-MT-Brazil. I must say that the sincerity of empresaconta much. I think the company will be no definitive solution: Create a 3D change from google eart, with a very realistic texture and develop mechanisms in which the climatic indicators, marine, earthquakes, several of the stations to capture information to be coded for time recreate conditions of real gameplay. I think that SCS should think about going in this universe gradually added game modes, such as other forms of driving trucks (polar, trash, military ...),. Adding social life and interaction between avatars something like second life, but without the crazy flight poravatares without such equipment. But something like The Sims, a family life, leisure accounts payable; comocampings, beaches, football stadiums, ports, airports, businesses finally scenarios for numerous and diverse realities which avatars can viver.Assim production chains would be rebuilt, farms etc., cargo ships and ship simulator.Ma know there is the cost. then it is the suggestion: The game system may be similar to second life, but so that each qualpague a minimum value to have your account access. The groups of players could hold annual meetings, national and global, growing innovations toAcarie funds to contribute to the development. By contrast, the SCS would be committed to make donations after the balance of the cost of the game, in my opinion a small percentage to donate to humanitarian causes and to implement the virtual management of this new game of three ways with the players involved and the countries she . For political and military simulation largest audience would be important in other sectors would be richer virtual worlds with loads and travel .. and culture with museums etc. .. I have a game project .. just writing to that effect.Acarie funds to contribute to the development. By contrast, the SCS would be committed to make donations after the balance of the cost of the game, in my opinion a small percentage to donate to humanitarian causes and to implement the virtual management of this new game of three ways with the players involved and the countries she . For political and military simulation largest audience would be important in other sectors would be richer virtual worlds with loads and travel .. and culture with museums etc. .. I have a game project .. just writing to that effect.

  52. I really hope that you can get back the money you have invested.

    As a suggestion, why you don't make ETS2 and future games as a "community assisted" project? You have the engine and the crew. Here we have the requests and the ideas. Just put some money and there you go!

    People from the fan base can donate money and become some sort of "investor" or "partner" in the game.

    What do you think?

    I am bringing this idea from this project:

    That's it! Congratulations for the good job and succes into ETS 2 development!

  53. Sorry for English!
    I appreciate your work and buy the game for sure money and your fans too!
    I think that you need to create an online game ... it should prinevti
    good profits !!!!!!
    I have a question: "Will there be a little off-road or dirt road, say, as it were to reduce the road?"
    I think it would add interest, and then riding on just one track boring
    regardless of the outside world. I'm from Ukraine and for me this issue is relevant - the pit and wash!

  54. Take your time, I sure can wait (if impatiently, but I will wait!) -- and if I could I would place a pre-order already. (c:

    While not rich I would also donate to you if I could. Since that is not yet viable I suppose buying old games from their website is the next best thing, as you get that money directly. (c;

    I too appreciate both the hard work and the risks you are taking and sincerely wish you the best in sales, both in this and in previous games to help see you through.

  55. I just hope that this game does eventually get released . Kinda seems like SCS are already making excuses . NO company keeps putting back the release date if it would mean them going broke so i guess if it is going to be released then they still have money and expect to make a PROFIT

  56. See? That wasn't so hard ... you should have told us that a long time ago, to know what to expect. Now that I know the game won't be released this year, I'm happy and I won't spam you anymore.:D

    And let's not forget ... Happy Birtday!:D

  57. you can count on my support as long as the steering wheel bug is fixed

  58. IF this truly is the last title that could be produced, before a US theme is made... It's time for the mod community to unite and keep this game alive for as long as we can.. I mean, it's the biggest reason also why other gamers along with myself that play, American Long Haul or PTTM - Because of the user-created content that has flooded file databases since 2005-2007.

  59. Oh SCS, SCS, SCS...

    I had a feeling this might happen if you bit off more than you could chew for development time. You really need to push for agreements with Steam and American publishers, as those are absolute gold mines.

    Also, we as a community need to pull together. Donations, user mods, pre-orders and beta testing that we pay to do are all great ideas that could keep this project alive. Magazine articles could give you some exposure. I'm certain now some of your fans work for these companies.

    You could behind the scenes buy the better mods off modders, kill the bugs, make them legally compliant and release them on a pay-per-update basis. Also, keep the distribution as online as possible. It's much cheaper. Have a look at Telltale Games in the USA and see how they've grown from modest beginnings purely (initially) on digital distribution.

    I'll happily help in any way I can, even if it's just buying your back catalogue and perhaps beta testing.

    Good luck and please don't go under.

    Tom from Britain

  60. Just allow people to preorder. I will preorder the game. You get some money, we get a better game later on.

  61. In my opinion you SCS Software, can take 2/3/4 years to do this game, but a game who look´s like realy life, with all kinds of trucks/trailers, cars, buildings, people, roads, highways etc.. and with a nice graphics ;)

  62. Hi SCS. I really hope you survive for years to come, you are a top-notch company. And please give good camera angles, inside and outside, in the game. Extreme Trucker 2 was lacking, so was Trucks and Trailers.

  63. Hi!

    Congratulations, you are the best of the best!

    a big hug!

    Germano Santos
    Vitória, ES / Brazil

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. does anyone no when the game is coming out because i want to get it the day is comes out

  66. ScS you have done truly amazing job and ill keep waiting till the release date! Keep it going and i hope ur truck games will make good sales in the future! Even I will bought every piece of ur hard work..

  67. Sorry for my english!

    And I was thinking I was going out this year ...
    I like the ETS, and I hope that the ETS2 break all expectations for the better!

    Speaking of bugs, when the truck passes a tree, and branches that touch the truck or the load, the truck crosses the branch without motion effect.

    And also as you will not join an online system, why not try to do that neither the Grand Treft Auto Multiplayer? (GTAMP) In my opinion an innovative system and that the fans would enjoy it.

    I let the idea ...

    João Vitor R. S. Silva (By JV...)
    Brazil, São Paulo

  68. Release Date :



  69. Hi SCS!

    I think that you are spending too much time on graphic and 3d parts. The most important thing for a truck driving simulator is the physic. In the last video, i've seen that the driveability is unreal!! In my personal opinion, the best thing is fixing the physic, otherweise i think that i won't buy the game.

    I hope that my opinion will be useful.

  70. Where can i post some suggestions for the game?

  71. But you should make a demo of ETS2

  72. I bet it will have more sales than ETS1, or basically any trucker game before.
    I believe it's due to your sharing many inside info, it generates a lot of followers. Very good choice SCS team, keep up the good work we appreciate all your efforts

  73. Well, Im good with textures and skinning, so if you want I can make them for you. For free of course ;)


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