Friday, September 9, 2011

One year anniversary

This blog was born a year ago! We would like to thank you for your patience, loyalty, and for the many intelligent comments providing important feedback to us.

Perhaps it's time to answer one frequently asked question, it may help a bit cutting down the amount of spam in blog comments.

We are still not sure when the game will come out. Definitely not in 2011 though.

Why? We are committed to quality, not to particular release date.

We understand that many of you will not be happy about the game taking so long to be developed. Our publishing partners are not taking this easy as well. We are not happy about our own performance either - to put it mildly. Taking so long comes with big costs, literally. The amount of time (and as a result, money) we have already sunk into development is putting us into very dangerous position - we may not ever be able to get the development costs back from the sales. Truck sim genre is really a small niche of the games market, the PC games and "big" games in general are in decline overall with the mobile/tablet gaming revolution, too. We are afraid that no matter how good a game we may be able to develop, the sales will still be worse than ETS1 sales. We will be at the mercy of truck games fans to realize this and judge the result of our hard work - they will vote with their wallet to decide whether we survive past ETS2 release.

So you can imagine that we really try as hard as possible to get the game finished, we don't want it to be our swan song. The game has already been delayed several times; we planned to have it done faster, but our ambitions were probably a bit higher than they should had been when we started - all the massive upgrades planned for game visuals, for physics, for richer world, for the AI, for deeper gameplay... it turns out that with the quality bar we had set for ourselves, it's more work than we anticipated. We keep sinking every single cent that we have earned from our older games during the last 2 years into the game's development. We really appreciate that even though our back-catalogue games are getting older, there are still some people out there who are buying them. This is basically our life line now.

Will all the hard work and the long wait be worth it? We still strongly believe so. Euro Trucks Simulator 2 will not be the next best thing since sliced bread, after all it's just a small game (with our team's size about 5% or less compared to AAA driving games like Gran Turismo, Forza or Need for Speed, we cannot do miracles), but it will be by far the best truck sim game we have ever created.